Which Tablets to Consider for Kids

What are the best tablets in terms of content and parental control for children?

Technology has become an integral part of learning. That being said, parents should be careful with what their kids see on the Internet, as not everything is safe for children to see.

Computers can be hacked, which was proven most recently by a report on CBS News. Getting hacked is the last thing a parent wants to happen to their child’s gadget, as computers reveal a lot of personal data and information.

After doing some research and reading blogs from security tech experts, there are two tablet brands that have been excellent when it comes to security and content that is child-friendly. If you plan on giving your child a tablet for an upcoming birthday, changing their gadget, finding one that’s best for homework, here are two products that you may want to consider.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is a tablet that grows with your child. Its content can be adjusted, meaning it will work well with a 4 year old as much as it would with an 8 year old. In addition, a parent can set limits on its content and usage, as well as track what their children is doing with the tablet. That way, toddlers won’t see the same content that your older son or daughter is seeing.

The Amazon Fire Kids Edition has over 100,000 age-appropriate eBooks and Android apps that can be filtered based on a child’s age. If there isn’t enough space for the apps and eBooks that you download, there’s always the expandable memory option where parents can insert an additional 128 GB micro SD card into the tablet.

iPad Mini

Apple products are more expensive than other smartgadgets but its security and aesthetics are top of the line. With the iOS 9 data encryption and security, as well as the TouchID feature, parents can rely on the gadget’s security more than ever. Compared to Android, Apple has built-in parental controls, meaning parents don’t need to rely on 3rd party security apps just to make the tablet they’ve purchased safer for kids. As for content, Apple almost always gets the newest apps first so parents won’t have to worry about not getting the latest age-appropriate apps and eBooks for their children.

Tablets for kids

When it comes to child security, parents should give it their very best to guard their children from harmful content. Aid groups, especially those working in the Middle East, not only provide learning materials to impoverished kids but protect them from all sorts of harm as well. If charitable groups can provide and operate well under extreme conditions, parents who are living in countries not under the threat of war should be able to provide both protection and learning to their kids, and this can be done by choosing the right gadgets for them use throughout their younger years.

I’d love to know, do your kids have a tablet? If so, do you worry about the content on their tablets?


  1. I do like the Amazon Fire Kids Edition, sounds ideal to me. The iPad Mini is way over the top price wise, even for myself!

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