Game Time: The 7D Mine Train app

Looking for a new and exciting game for the kids for your iPad? We’ve been playing The 7D Mine Train game. This new game is based on the new series on Disney XD, “The 7D”.

With this uniquely fun gaming app, kids can choose his or her favourite dwarf (Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Doc and Dopey) to pilot a character-specific vehicle that twists and turns on mine tracks before hurtling through the storybook world of Jollywood, making stops in the Enchanted Forest, Gumdrop Grotto, the Queen’s Treasure Room and more!

The 7D Mine Train

I asked my daughter what she likes most about the game. Here’s what she said:

  • Choosing a new Dwarf every time
  • The exciting tracks
  • The tricks the dwarfs do
  • The treasure boxes and challenges throughout the game
  • The dwarfs carts are really cool

This is a super fun game! The 7D Mine Train is currently FREE in the iTunes store! Go download it now!

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