Backup your Memories with the Kwilt Shoebox Plus

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As a mom and a blogger, I take a lot of pictures. My phone has over 3000 photos and videos stored on it on a daily basis.

I’ve struggled with downloading and erasing photos in the past (currently, even my laptop has no storage because it’s overrun with photos and videos) and have often had to make a decision to completely delete photos or videos to have room to take new photos.

About the Kwilt Shoebox

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus is a new way to back up your photos and videos in the privacy of your home!

That’s right. No need to use the cloud (and pay a monthly fee)!

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to set up. It comes with a power supply cord, an ethernet cable and a 64 GB USB memory stick to store your photos and videos.

Kwilt Shoebox Plus Review

In 3 easy steps, you can connect and start storing photos on your Kwilt Shoebox.

You can choose to connect to your Kwilt Shoebox through wifi or through an ethernet cable. I had minor technical difficulties and couldn’t connect through wifi so I connected through the ethernet cable.

Kwilt Shoebox Plus Setup

Once your Kwilt Shoebox is plugged in or connected to wifi, download and run the Kwilt mobile app, create an account and start backing up your memories!

Transferring Photos

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus app guides you through the process of transferring your photos. The steps are very easy and the app updates you on the progress as photos and videos are being transferred.

It took me approximately 35 minutes to download 3200 photos and videos. 

.Kwilt Shoebox Plus Transfer

.Kwilt Shoebox Plus photo transfer

Once your memories are transferred you can delete them from your device but still have access to all of them on your phone through the app. 

Once your photos are stored on your Kwilt Shoebox you can use the app to adjust photos, add filters and more. You can still share these photos on Facebook and Instagram.


This product is a lifesaver for me! It has allowed me to make more space on my phone while securely storing my memories.

The Kwilt Shoebox Plus has 4 slots for USB memory sticks so if you fill up the 64 GB provided you could add more USB sticks in any of the 4 USB ports.

I really like:

  • knowing that my memories are safely stored in the Kwilt Shoebox Plus
  • having access to my memories on my phone through the app at any time
  • being able to remove the memory stick from the Kwilt Shoebox Plus and having the option of keeping it in a fire-safe box or a safety deposit box
  • not having to pay a monthly fee to store my photos

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Kwilt Shoebox Plus online at for $159.00. It is on sale for 25% off until September 30, 2018.

To Learn more about the Kwilt Shoebox Plus check out:

.Unlimited Photo Storage from your phone with the Kwilt Shoebox Plus.


The team at Kwilt Shoebox wants you to enjoy a Kwilt Shoebox Plus! They are giving away a Kwilt Shoebox Plus to one of my lucky readers.

To enter, tell me how many photos and videos are on your phone right now and why you’d like to try the Kwilt Shoebox Plus to backup your memories?

Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Giveaway open to Canadian residents only. Giveaway runs from Sept 26 – Oct 6, 2018. See my Terms & Conditions for full giveaway info. Void where prohibited.

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  1. I have over a 1000 photos and videos in my phone. I would love to have another location for my favourite photos.

  2. I have over 500 pictures on my phone and have not backed them up. I would love an easy way to save them without having to pay fees for keeping them and this way is much saver.

  3. I have almost 2000 photos and probably about 100 videos! it’d be nice to have a place that I know is safe to unload some of my favourite memories so I can make room for more!

  4. I have 300+ photos on my phone and I’ve only had this phone for 4 months… I hate having to transfer photos off my old phones too.

  5. I have over 300 photos and videos on my phone right now. I have to actively remind myself to back them up every few weeks. Kwilt Shoebox Plus is exactly what I need to safely store my previous photos and videos!

  6. I only have about 10 on my phone right now because I keep running out of room. I would love having Kwilt Shoebox because my husband keeps telling me I need a backup storage device.

  7. I have 937 photos on my phone right now….should be more but I go in and delete some very once in awhile….I would love the kwilt shoebox plus in my life!!

  8. I currently have 1873 photo’s and 87 videos on my phone. I would love to win this because most of them are of my nieces and nephews and it would break my heart to ever loose them. So many memories.

  9. Zero right now as I cracked my screen and need to replace phone, so downloaded them off the phone today. I need a quick and easy solution to getting phones off my phone and safely saving them. My phone doesn’t seem to have a very large capacity for pics and videos, so it would be better to store them elsewhere – the Kwilt Shoebox would help for sure.

  10. I’ve lost previous pictures of when my daughter was first born because I chose not to back up my photos and videos. So this would be a great way to make sure that doesn’t happen again 🙂 thanks!

  11. I also have over 3000 photos on my phone. I have recently upgraded to a new phone and gave my old one to my daughter. I would like to be able to store my photos and erase them on my old phone so that she can take her own!

  12. This is so funny as I am currently transferring my photos to my computer! I have about 1,500 and my old phone could only hold about that much, so I have a reminder each month to transfer to photos to my computer! Clearly I need a back up with all the photos and videos I take!

  13. I have hundreds of Gigs of video shot over a 30 year period and transferred from tape as well as my entire family history. Hope this can save that…

  14. I have 500 photos and I truly need this for sure. I do not want to always be concerned about using up my cell phone`s memory.

  15. I have 970 videos and 2031 photos. I’m having a hard time deleting it because all of it are my only child’s memories since she was born. I want to save it because we can’t bring back all those memories and I want my child to see it when she grow up. ❤️ I definitely need this! Hope to win.

  16. I’m almost embarrassed to say….but I have almost 9000 photos on my phone 😮 I would love this because I’m always worried about losing them & really want to back them up!

  17. I have 1,230 photos on my phone and 3 videos. I would love the Kwilt shoebox plus as I like the idea of my photos and videos safe in a place of their own. It will free up more space on my phone and computer. I like how easy it looks to download as I really do not understand how ICloud works. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

  18. I have over 4000 pictures and videos on my phone. I would be devastated if I lost my pictures, that’s 3 years of memories gone.

  19. I have so many sporting pictures of my kids, this would be awesome to have to download and free up space on my devices and record more life memories.

  20. I only have about 200 pictures on my phone as I have to keep transferring them to my computer due to space issues. I would love one of the these so I don’t have to keep moving them to my computer.

  21. I got it down to 998! But only in one album. I desperately need them off because they’re slowing my phone down and preventing other apps from updating and running smoothly.

  22. I’ve got 2000 photos on my phone and a handful of videos. I have precious photos of my nephew that I do not want to lose!

  23. I have 7956 photos and 372 videos! I can’t make this stuff up! I really would love to know they are safe and secure other than just on ‘the cloud’. Thanks!

  24. I have 120 photos on my phone but I have thousands on Facebook and Email that I would love to have a secure back up for. I would like to back up my photos with Kwilt Shoebox plus because it looks easy to use and would provide some piece of mind knowing there’s one place to access the photos.

  25. I have over 600 photos and a few videos on my phone. I often worry about losing them all. This would be an excellent solution!

  26. well my phone is only a couple months old so about 20 pictures on it, my old one had about 200 on it, it would be nice to backup photos in case the phone gets damaged or lost or stolen

  27. I have around 300 photos and would love this product to back them up – I need an easy way to do this because now I delay and delay and would be so sad if I lost all the memories!

  28. I would say about 300 are on my phone right now; I would love to be able to back these up because they bring great memories.

  29. About 500! My photos are stored on hard drives of about three different would be great to have them all in one place!

  30. I only have about 20 pics and three videos. My phone doesn’t have lots of storage and no option to add more memory. I’d love to try this so I can take more vidoso

  31. I am horrible for not backing up my photos and videos. Currently I have over 800 pictures and 100 videos on my phone. The Kwilt Shoebox would give me security knowing my photos and videos were safely stored plus give me more room on my phone to take more 😉

  32. There are over 1,300 photos on my phone right now…and that’s a norm for me as I always forget to hook up to the computer, download the photos and back them up.
    I’ve had an external hard drive crash on me, erasing years of my kids baby photos and I’ve had my phone plagued by trojan virus that corrupted all my files and I lost about a years worth of photos.
    This would be the perfect solution for me!

  33. I have no photos or videos on my phone. BUT, I would love to win this for my sister who has hundreds of photos and videos on hers. She is always telling me her memory is full so she has to delete old photos/videos to take new one or she just doesn’t take new ones at all. So she could really use this.

  34. I have over 2000 photos and videos on my phone. This device would be awesome to have. My phone keeps sending me alwrts that I’m out of space.

  35. There are way too many photos and videos on my phone! I’m always wondering where to store them and this would be an awesome way to do it!

  36. I honestly have around 28k on my phone, Id love to use Kwilt because it would be so great feeling to have everything safely stored!

  37. I have hundreds of photos on my phone and they are not backed up. This would be great so I can store my photos in a safer place

  38. I currently have 250 photos on my phone.After going through a tornado in Ottawa last week I realize how much I need photos backed up.

  39. Oh wow I would love to have this, in fact I had so many photos on my phone I had to transfer to my computer and then to my external hard drive, and now I am starting over on a clean memory card!

  40. I take videos all the time! I love looking back on them seeing how big my kids have grown and milestones they have accomplished! I always take a ton of photos to! This would be handy to have when they get married or graduations or any special events to make a photo slideshow or collages!

  41. I have over 1000 and constantly running out of space …love to save those videos and pictures of my little ones as they will be teenagers soon!!

  42. I have about 500 on my phone, but I think my daughter could really use this, she has thousands of her kids etc. Its time to take them off and store them.

  43. I was running out of room on my phone I had over 1000 photos and 20 videos. this would be a life saver and awesome to be able to transfer my photos over since I’m a scrap booker and don’t like to get rid of any photos

  44. I’d have to guess, but I’d say I have around 500 photos that need to be taken off my phone. I’d love to try the Kwilt Shoebox Plus, because it looks very simple to use. I need simple!

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