How To Create a Great Travel Activity Bag #familytravel

It’s almost Spring Break which means many families will be flying off somewhere fun for a holiday.

My husband and I love taking our kids on vacation but we often dread long flights. I used to buy pre-made activity kits but found them costly and not that great.

I decided to create my own Travel Activity Bag a few trips ago. Here’s how I create an awesome activity bag for my kids.

{In my kid’s activity bag}

  • A plain Hilroy notebook. This is the beginning and most important part of the bag. Kids LOVE the white pages. It lets them use their imagination to do just about anything (including a few games of tic tac toe with mom and dad). You can find plain Hilroy notebooks at Staples all year long.

travel must have

  • A small box of crayons. Target has awesome small boxes of Crayola Crayons for only 99cents. I love these because they have unique colours in every box.

travel pack

  • A pad of stickers. You can find great sticker pads at Target and Micheal’s. They are usually only $1 and include hundreds of stickers. You can usually find a theme your child really loves right now. My kids love sticking them in their white notebook.

travel pack

  • A new book. I am a big fan of DK Readers and Step into Reading books. They are small, inexpensive and always have books on your child’s latest favourite character or subject.

travel pack

  • Snacks! I always include a bag of fruit treats, a bar and some individual cookie snacks. Please note that I also always have extra treats and snacks in my own bag. I like adding snacks in my kids individual bag because it gives them the opportunity to have a snack when they are hungry and they don’t have to rely on me immediately.

travel pack

The most important thing about the activity bag is to NOT SHOW IT or GIVE IT to your kids until the plane takes off. If you create a really great bag your kids will be entertained for hours. My kids love their bags so much they often pull them out in the condo while on vacation!

travel activity bag

What would you add to your child’s travel activity bag? I’d love to know!


  1. Travel bags are always a great idea. New fresh simple toys is what I use to find to help make up our.

  2. What a great idea! For a plane ride for my 18-month old I would add a couple of picture books instead of readers since he can’t read. Maybe a balloon and a couple of dinky cars.

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