Be Water Conscious Everyday #EveryDropCounts

How water conscious are you?

I try to conserve water as much as possible. I also try to teach my children how to be water conscious and not waste water. 

A few obvious things I do include:

    • Turning off the tap when I’m brushing my teeth
    • Filling the sink when I’m doing the dishes
    • Having my kids use the same bath water for their baths (they are never THAT dirty!!)

For several years now Colgate has made the initiative to educate and challenge Canadians to conserve water – especially while brushing their teeth! On their EveryDropCounts site they have a simple pledge that encourages you to be mindful of how much water you use.

I took the pledge and quickly learnt that my family will save 32 gallons (121.133 litres) of water everyday by turning off the tap when we brush!

EveryDropCounts pledge

By turning off the tap when brushing we’ll be saving tons of water every year. Check out my results!

Every Drop Counts Colgate

Today is Wold Water Day. It’s the perfect day to start new habits and start conserving water.

Once you take the pledge to save water, you can easily share your results on Twitter and Facebook. Colgate hopes this will encourage your friends to be more aware of how much water they waste and maybe entice them to take the pledge too.

So, I dare you… take the pledge. Save litres of water every day.

To take the pledge, check out Colgate’s Every Drop Counts website now. 

I’d love to know, have you taken the pledge? How many gallons of water per day will your family save?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Colgate but as always, experiences and opinions are my own.


  1. we have been big water conservationist for years as we agree it is very important. we had a 5 minutes shower timer installed (it is long gone now) and cannot even imagine standing under the water for the 20 minutes we used to!

  2. Every drop does count. Besides conserving water, it’s also important to make sure it doesn’t get contaminted. Recycle your CFL bulbs for example so the mercury doesn’t pollute water. Even better switch to LED bulbs instead of buying CFLs.

  3. Collecting rain water is also a great way to converse and it’s great to use when watering your gardens #EveryDropCounts

  4. Saving water is more important than ever. Growing up in B.C. we never dreamed that water would become a precious as it is. We went through a terrible drought last year. We live close to a forest and it was Scary. We try and save water wherever we can. Even in the garden we do a lot of mulching.

  5. I took the pledge and I will be saving 16 gallons a day with our little house of two, I even use the quick setting on my washing machine to use less water!!

  6. What a great program. We also make sure tap is always off when not in use. With the nice weather we are already having it is good to use less water so there wont be a shortage come summer time

  7. Someone else wrote: “Teach the children when they are young to turn the water off while brushing their teeth, and they will do it for ever.” This is so true – our son turns the water off but I have to remind my husband all the time!

  8. We save as much as we can! My daughter has really gotten into the conservation of it since they had a few classes.

    We had to keep track how often the tap was turned on and why… it was a very big eye opening experience.

    Now, we are more conscious of it, alert to it…and it really does become apart of everyday routine when you focus your efforts on it.

  9. What an amazing program! We do our best here to use as little water as possible. I was guilty for a long time of running water while doing dishes, but no more!

  10. This is an amazing program. Teach the children when they are young to turn the water off while brushing their teeth, and they will do it for ever.

  11. I am working with a charity to do a similar activity and we currently are watching our water use as well. I admire any company and brand that takes initiative in this manner. It makes a difference. It is shocking how much water we use and how easy access is to water here in Canada. Many do not have that luxury.

  12. This is such a great program! It is scary to think how much water we waste when washing our hands or brushing our teeth! I love this pledge and I too have signed it!

  13. What a great initiative and what a way to shed some light on how much water we waste.

    It says we would save 24 gallons just by switching off the tap when we brush our teeth (which I do).

  14. This is great! I LOVE it when they can show you what you can do to save water AND how much you’ll actually save- so cool! I am headed over there to check out their site- thanks for sharing!

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