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Spring Break is just around the corner and my sister and I heading on vacation with our families. Prepping for a family holiday can be challenging but one thing that is a must do is finding the perfect swimsuit to bring along.

We decided to head to our local Swimco store to get suited up. I had not been to Swimco in a long time and was immediately impressed with what I saw. The selection was abundant. I was impressed with all the brands I was seeing (Hurley, Roxy, Body Glove and Seafolly to name a few). They had so many sizes, styles, colours and types of swimsuits to choose from. It wasn’t difficult to start selecting suits to add to my fitting room.

{About Swimco}

I absolutely love the Swimco story. Lori Bacon’s mother started Swimco in the basement of their house in the 70’s. It all began because Lori’s mom couldn’t find proper swimwear for her kids’ swimming activities. Soon the family opened brick and mortar stores in Calgary and Vancouver. Now Swimco has over 20 stores in western Canada.

Swimco’s mission is to continue their long-standing tradition of instilling confidence in customers by providing them with swimwear that makes them look and feel their best.


{Ladena’s Experience}

Like most women, I have a love hate relationship with swimsuit shopping. You all know what I mean, you head out to go shopping and are all excited about what you might find. Then you start trying on bathing suits and you start noticing all your bumps and curves.

When I walked into Swimco I was immediately drawn to their bikinis. Although they have a wide selection of one piece suits, I stuck to bikinis and grabbed lots of mix and match pieces. Amongst all the pieces I picked up was a bandeaukini top.

I started trying on the suits I selected and really liked all of them. It wasn’t until I put on a Hurley Bandeaukini top that I fell in love. Wow. This top was incredible, meant to be, absolutely perfect. I tried on other suits after but couldn’t stop going back to the bandeaukini top. In the end I decided to match the black bandeaukini with an awesome reversible bottom by Roxy.

I absolutely adore the suit I picked out and cannot wait to wear it on vacation. I feel like a million bucks in this swimsuit.

swimco moms

{Gen’s Experience}

Let me start by saying that I don’t remember the last time I took the time to find — or spent the money (for that matter) — on a GOOD swimsuit.  I’m more of a stumble-upon-a-cute-suit and make a quick decision kinda of  person, and that usually means not spending all that much money either.  In other words… I buy the “good enough” suits, and that usually means a suit that simply doesn’t stand the test of time.  Needless to say, I was very excited when we had the opportunity to blog about Swimco and pick up a new suit for our upcoming family getaway.

We were greeted with smiling faces and willingness to help.  At first glance, I saw there was something for everyone in the family – they had a mens and a kids section as well!  Awesome…  They even had a really good selection of sport swimsuits… something else I wasn’t aware of.  They had great accessories as well – I would have never thought to go to Swimco for sandals, sun hats, cover ups, etc…

Like my sister, I grabbed a bunch of great bikinis to try on.  It was hard to limit my picks!  I chose a gorgeous Ralph Lauren black lace bikini, a beautiful Roxy purple halter bikini, and a couple others… but my sister pointed out a Body Glove bikini, with a geometric shape pattern of bright pink, black, grey and blue – I wasn’t so sure of but I decided to try it on anyways – my policy with any kind of shopping is “you don’t know until you try it on”.  So I did.  That’s the one I bought!  I probably would have passed right over it if she hadn’t suggested I try it.  I guess another good shopping policy – shop with a good friend!

Not only was customer service at the Swimco Vitoria B.C. location fantastic, my Swimco experience opened my eyes to quality materials, great selection, and how a swimsuit should actually fit.  Probably the best piece of advice that I left with was how a bikini bottom should fit.  All this time I’ve been buying my bottoms too big.  I didn’t know that bottoms typically stretch once they hit the water, so I was always buying my bottoms based on how they fit dry.  Thanks to their advice I bought a size that I’m sure will fit much better.

swimco moms

Overall our experience at Swimco was fabulous. We are now Swimco Moms for life!


My sister and I both signed up for the Swimco Cabana Club. This is a free sign up that keeps you in the loop about what’s new at Swimco and will alert you when there are new products and special offers. The best part is that Swimco has a monthly draw of $150 just for being a Cabana Club member.

Swimco Cabana Club

To learn more about Swimco you can check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I find choosing the right swimsuit to be a very difficult thing. It sounds like Swimco might be the answer!

    1. They were so great Heidi! I highly recommend stopping into a Swimco store. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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