Hasbro Games and Play-Doh in the Classroom

Play is important. Even at school.

I am a part-time grade 2 teacher and I always make sure my students have some play time during the week. There are so many benefits to play and I know my students need to play with their peers several times during the week.

Our classroom games were looking pretty sad so I reached out to Hasbro to see if they could help out. Hasbro kindly sent me some new games and new Play-Doh products for my students to enjoy at school.

My classroom received:

  • Operation
  • Memory Game
  • Perfection
  • Guess Who
  • Play-Doh sets

My students were overjoyed when I opened the box and showed them the shiny new games that would be added to their games shelf. Many students shared how much they like playing some of these games at home. I could tell they were very excited to play them with their peers.

Board Games

My students have been enjoying playing their new games during centre times. They have loved challenging themselves with all the games we received. I have observed some pretty serious games of Operation and Guess Who. I have also seen students playing very creatively with our new Memory game.

Guess Who from Hasbro

Operation by Hasbro

Play-Doh sets

The Play-Doh centre was extremely popular. I had to limit the amount of students for this centre and set up all the Play-Doh and accessories on our large round table. My students had a great time with the Play-Doh Make and Mix Zoo set and playing dentist with the Play-Doh Drill and Fill set.

Play-Doh by hasbro

Play-Doh by hasbro

Play-Doh by hasbro

What I’ve Observed

It has been extremely valuable to observe my students play together during centre time. I have seen them problem solve, take risks and try new things. I am so grateful for these new games. I feel like my students look forward to centre time more than they ever have before.

I highly recommend any of these games for your home. I also think they’d be great games to donate to your child’s classroom. These Hasbro games are available at stores near you. Prices for these games start at only $9.99.

To learn more about Hasbro games check out:

I’d love to know, what are your children’s favourite games? Have they ever played them at school?



  1. Operation must be on the go a long time because i remember this from childhood and i bought it for my kids now i have added it to my grandkids shopping list.Hasbro do have the best family games.

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