NEW Middle-Grade and YA Books from Harper Collins

Looking for new books to entice your kids into reading more? We were thrilled to receive some advance reader copies of new Harper Collins to enjoy.

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.Harper Collins Kids books

Pax, Journey Home

Sarah Pennypacker’s sequel to Pax tells the story of how Peter and Pax find themselves on journeys towards home, healing and to each other.

Pax Journey Home

Pax, Journey Home is available in stores and online now.

Treasure in the Lake

This middle-grade graphic novel tells the story of Iris, a thirteen year old stuck in a small town and looking for adventure. Soon Iris and her friend Sam stumble upon a dry river in the outskirts of town and discover a hidden city.

Treasure In the Lake

Treasure in the Lake is available in stores and online now. 

All These Bodies

This YA novel is set in the summer of 1958. A gruesome killer plagues the Midwest and teen Michael Jensen becomes part of the investigation. This edge-of-your-seat mystery is a page turner.

All These Bodies

All These Bodies is available in stores and online now.

.Treasure in the Lake book

I’d like to know, which of these books would your kids most want to read?


  1. Oh my goodness, these books look amazing! I have no doubt Sofia would love every single one of these. I’m going to check them out! We can never have enough books in this house it feels.

  2. Thanks for these book recommendations! They’re probably a bit beyond my daughter, but she has very much been getting into graphic novels lately.

  3. Nice! I’ll have to check them out, they are a bit old for my kids but would make a great gift for my neices & nephews!

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