Introducing Joss Kendrick the 2020 American Girl of the Year

Every year, my daughter and I look forward to January 1st because that’s the day the Girl of the Year by American Girl is revealed.

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Every year, American Girl creates a special edition doll. The girl of the year always has a great story, talents and more.

In Canada, American Girl dolls are available exclusively at Indigo.

American Girl Joss Kendrick Girl of the Year

About Joss

This year, Joss Kendrick is the Girl of the Year.

Joss lives in Huntington Beach, California and surfs on a daily basis with her best friend and brothers. She’s not afraid to try new things. Joss is hard of hearing and wears a hearing aid in one ear. She also has a cute puppy named Murph.

Joss Kendrick the AG GOTY

American Girl Doll Joss Kendrick

About the Doll

  • Joss is 18″ tall
  • She’s wearing a bathing suit, hoodie, and jean shorts
  • She has pink flip-flop sandals on her feet
  • She has brown eyes and long layered brown hair with sun-kissed highlights
  • Joss comes with two hearing aids with a carry case
  • A “Joss” book is included with the doll

Joss Kendrick bathing suit

Joss Kendrick sandals

Accessories and more

There are so many great add-ons to complement your Joss doll.

Joss’s surfboard set is a must-have.

.Joss Surfboard set

Joss’s puppy Murph is the best companion!

Joss's puppy Murph

Joss has many outfits to choose from. I love this cheer practice outfit.

.Joss's Cheer Practice Outfit


I absolutely love Joss Kendrick. She is a beautiful doll! I like that she comes wearing a bathing suit underneath her outfit. Her hair is long and can easily be styled.

I admire that American Girl has created a doll that is hard of hearing. This will make this year’s doll very relatable to many children.

I think that Joss is a great new addition to the American Girl family. I know she would make a special gift for any child.

American Girl Doll of the Year


Indigo is giving away FIVE Joss dolls! Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. Giveaway ends January 31, 2020.

Enter here.

Joss American Girl Giveaway

That’s not all! The amazing team at Indigo want to give you the chance to WIN a $50 Indigo Gift Card!

I’d love to know what you think of Joss Kendrick. Tell me in the comments below what you like most about Joss and what you would spend your $50 on.

Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Giveaway runs from Jan 27 – Feb 5, 2020. Void where prohibited. See my Terms & Conditions for full giveaway info.

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.All about Joss Kendrick, the 2020 Girl of the Year doll by American Girl



  1. I love that she has a hearing aid and can help children understood that people have different abilities.

  2. I like that Joss is an active girl and she has a pet just like our family. It’s also great that she shows off how people can be different and wear hearing aids like both of my kids grandpas.

  3. I love that there are so many more diverse (in all kinds of ways) dolls coming out now.

    And…probably books. 🙂

  4. I love that she has a hearing aid as it teaches kids that there are all kids of kids with different abilities. I really would love to purchase some books with my GC if i won!

  5. I like that Joss is not afraid to try new things, it’s a good lesson for children to learn. I would spend my gift card on books for my grandson to enjoy.

  6. I love that American Girl dolls are representing people with hearing loss. and that she has a well developed character. Representation is so important!

  7. I already commented but forgot to say what I would spend my $50 card on , I would use it to buy books for my grandchildren. Reading is my special thing to do with all my grandchildren, that’s what I remember most about my grandma & me ♥️♥️♥️

  8. I love that Joss has a hearing aid , so great for making children with hearing loss feel like it’s ok to be a little different!

  9. I like her name and that she isn’t stopping just because of her disability. I had a hearing impaired friend growing up…wish dolls like this existed then.
    I would use the gc to get some books for me and my kiddos

  10. I love that she has super cute clothes and very stylish, and nothing stops her even with a hearing disability. I would buy book for my grand children!

  11. I love that Joss surfs. My daughter loves to swim and maybe one day she’ll be a surfer too!

    We’d use the gift card to add more books to our library.

    Thx for the great giveaway!

  12. I like that she doesn’t seem to be the typical baby doll – but I admit as a boy mom I don’t know much about dolls. But she looks awesome and I love her pet dog.

  13. I love that she has a hearing aid as it teaches kids about hearing loss, etc. I would spend the GC on some books for the kids!

  14. I love that she likes to try new things. I’m trying to encourage that everyday! I’d put the GC towards some American Girl accessories.

  15. I love that she’s “real” not “perfect!” I would buy some books – I’ve been reading a lot on my phone but a nice new hardcover would be nice

  16. I like that she will teach kids that having a disability doesn’t mean your different through play. I would get some new books for myself and my daughter if I won the GC.

  17. i love the fact that even if she’s wearing a hearing aid, she still surfs and goes out and try new things. great representation.
    i’d get Murph to go with Joss

  18. My niece has hearing loss and implants, so this doll is amazing! I would use the giftcard to buy books for our Wellness cart at work

  19. Love that the doll surfs! They always come up with such cute new ideas for the dolls each year! I would use the gift card for some treats for my daughters birthday. Possibly American Girl!

  20. i like that her being deaf does not stop her from ding what she wants. plus i love the sea so this is such a great doll.

  21. I really like the dog that she has! I would spend my money on some of the house stuff they have, like maybe a throw on a cup.

  22. I love that this American Girl doll has a hearing aid, and she surfs! It is so real and I love it 🙂 I would be so excited to spend $50 on books at Indigo! Thank you so much.

  23. I would love to expand my children’s book library. I love Joss’s story and would look for her book for my daughter. Thanks for the chance!

  24. I love that Joss is adventurous and keen on trying new things and not held back by her physical challenge. I would probably pick up some chapter books for my little guys.

  25. This is so great for representation, and that the focus is on her actual interests and not her disability! Would love some tea and a new book to read on a rainy February morning.

  26. I like that the doll shows that a disability doesn’t stop you from having fun and doing things. I would use the giftcard to buy some books.

  27. Joss is an example that physical challenges don’t stop you. Would give the gift card to my little niece for her birthday. She loves Indigo. TY for the chance.

  28. I love that this doll represents a girl with different abilities, a girl who is strong, a girl that perseveres. Someone for every little girl to look up to.
    I would use the gc to buy books for my kids!

  29. As a parent of a special needs child, I love to see these types of qualities featured on a doll to teach children the acceptance of others! I would spend the $50 gift card on a soft, fuzzy throw blanket for our sofa to cuddle with on movie nights!

  30. I love that she brings awareness to little kids! Great doll. I would spent the $50 on cute little home decor knick knacks. Thanks for the chance!

  31. I love her outfit the shoes are so cute. I would use the money to an outfit like it for my granddaughters doll.

  32. I like that Joss has two hearing aids with a carry case. I would use an Indigo gift card for picture books for the kids.

  33. I like that she wears a hearing aid and has highlights in her hair – unique doll features that my girls would love. I’d definitely use the gift card to buy something American Girl – I’d let my daughters decide on the item (they love this line of dolls, accessories and books!).

  34. I like that Joss doesn’t let anything hold her back. I would buy Joss the cheer practice outfit if I won the Doll if not I would buy some books!

  35. oh my gosh this doll is absolutely adorable and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that they have included a doll with hearing aids. It makes the doll more relatable and real like. and the fact that she surfs to is pretty neat 🙂

    1. I would spend the GC on the American Girl Girl Of The Year 2020 Joss Doll and Book. Such a lovely doll, my girls will love her!

  36. She is a beautiful doll. I love that she is not afraid to try new things. I would buy some new books with the gift card.

  37. I like that Joss shows courage, and doesn’t let anything hold her back. I’d love the pick up a new planner and a cookbook.

  38. I like Joss Kendrick because she is just like all the other American Girl dolls. She is beautiful, adventurous, active and not afraid to try new things and she just happens to have a hearing aid. She will help children understand that their peers may have differences and they should not be made fun of or avoided because of them.
    I would use the gift card towards buying an American Girl doll outfit or accessory for one of my granddaughter’s birthdays.

  39. I like that the doll is very relatable to many children and is beautiful. I would purchase a few books.

  40. I like that she is different from other dolls and comes with hearing aides for her hearing needs. I’d use the gc to buy books for my daughter.

  41. I love that Joss lives life to the fullest and doesn’t let her hearing loss hold her back. We all have challenges – some visible, some not – that we have to overcome.

    I would spend my gift card on Valentine’s treats/toys for my kiddos. And maybe a book for me. 🙂

  42. Even though she is hard of hearing, she has a wonderful spirit and would be an inspiration to my granddaughter.

  43. I like that they made a doll that is hard of hearing. Kids who are in the same boat can now have a doll that is like them. Wow so cool that they made this

  44. I love that even though Joss wears a hearing aid that doesn’t keep her from being adventurous. I would use the Indigo gift card to buy myself some new books.

  45. I love that she is unique and helps teach kids about accepting all types of people who are around them. I would buy some new chapter books for my 6 year old with the gift card!

  46. I love that she is not afraid to try new things and she is confident! I would buy books for my kids! Thanks for this generous chance!

  47. love this doll showing her disability more kids need to be aware that having a disability does not make you a lesser person, this doll is adorable

  48. I like that she looks like my daughter, Jocelyn that we call ‘Joce’ (pronounced ‘Joss’). That’s neat. I also love that she is a surfer. My girls are enamored with surfing.
    I would spend the gift card on new books probably. I’m always adding to my library.

  49. I like that they have created a doll that is hard of hearing.
    I would use the gift card to pick up a couple of books.

  50. I love that Joss is representing those hard of hearing. Great prize and I would use the GC for one of the amazingly soft blankets they sell at Indigo.

  51. I think it’s pretty cool that she has the hearing aid, but that has not stopped her from doing what she loves. I’m not to sure what I would purchase yet, they have so many great items there along with all the books

  52. I love that Joss shows she is not perfect but can still challenge herself and able to do what she loves. I would spend the $50 on a couple of new books for myself.

  53. Joss is such a beautiful doll, I like that she is a doll that is relateable to many kids, having a hearing aid! I like there are so many extra accessories also! I would love to use the gift card for some accessories/clothes for her. She would make my granddaughter so happy!

  54. I love that shes not afraid to try new things. That is a massive message that I try to instill in both my children. Some opportunities dont come around again so its important to say yes to new adventures. I’d buy my daughter and I new beautiful journals I’ve had my eye on to document our travels. Next up, Disney world.

  55. I have hearing loss and I think this a great idea for Girl of the year.If I won a giftcard I would buy books.

  56. I love Joss Kendrick (Girl of the Year) because of she is relatable to many girls and her hair can be easily styled. I would spend the $50 on books.

    1. I love that Joss’ physical challenge does not hold her back from doing what she loves. I would spend my giftcard to replenish my supply of books. Thanks for the chance!

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