7 Reasons to Visit Makena Beach on Maui

My family adores checking out gorgeous beaches when we travel. During our last trip to Maui, we spent an amazing day at Makena Beach (aka Big Beach) in South Maui.

Big Beach Maui

How to get there

Makena Beach is very easy to get to. Follow road signs to Wailea. You’ll see Makena Beach State Park on the right-hand side after passing the town of Wailea and several golf courses.

Makena Beach Maui

Big waves at Makena Beach on Maui

Waves at Big Beach on Maui

7 Things to know about Makena Beach

  • 1 > Makena Beach has a parking lot but it can get quite full
  • 2 > There are no flushable toilets but several clean outhouses

Path from Makena Beach

  • 3 > Lifeguards are on duty

Lifeguards at Makena Beach

  • 4 > Huge sandy beach with very little shade (beach umbrellas are recommended but must be securely installed).
  • 5 > Huge waves, not recommended for young children or inexperienced swimmers

Dangerous Shorebreak at Makena Beach

  • 6 > Makena Beach has an accessible trail to Little Beach

Path to Little Beach on Maui

  • 7 > Jaws Fish and Tacos Food truck on location

Food Truck on Makena Beach


Makena Beach is absolutely a top beach that should be checked out when on Maui. We loved our day at Makena.

The views of Molokini from Makena Beach are great and the hike up to Little Beach is fun to do. We plan on going back to Makena Beach every time we visit Maui.

Rocks at Makena State Park on Maui

I’d love to know, have you visited Makena Beach? What did you like about it?

..Things to know about Makena Beach on Maui


  1. We spent 2 days at Makena Beach in February 2019 and LOVED it!! We were staying in Lahaina and had tried Kaanapali Beach and it was so cold that day. We decided to take a chance and drive back to Makena to see if it was any warmer and it was 80! The beach itself is wide and beautiful and the water was warm and clear! I definitely recommend that everyone go there!

  2. We spent a short time on Maui while on a cruise but spent a week in Honolulu. Hawaii is gorgeous but the rough water scares me. Beautiful though!!!

  3. I went to Little Beach once… *blush* It was wonderful, loved the sand and the waves. 🙂

  4. I have never visited or heard of that beach before. Looks very relaxing and I love the rocks surrounding the water

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