5 Reasons I Liked Disneyland more than my Kids

I am such a fan of Disneyland.

I was 12 years old the first time I visited a Disney Park and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ll never forget that first visit to Walt Disney World with my parents and sister. My father had given me free range of the family camera (film back then) and I proceeded to take over 20 photos of one of the stage shows with Mickey and Minnie dancing. I was blown away. Everything at Disney was magical.

Now as an adult I get gitty every time I have the opportunity to bring my children to a Disney park.

We recently visited Disneyland in Southern California. While there I soon realized that I actually enjoyed the day even more than my kids! (crazy right?)


Here are 5 reasons why I had more fun than my kids:

  • 5 > Photo ops

I love taking photos. Send me to Disneyland and you’ll see me taking photos of just about anything. Add a castle and characters and I’m one happy woman.

We usually take time to snap a photo with our favourite characters but on our last trip, we were pretty busy rushing from one ride to another. I did manage to get a great picture with the kids in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle though – this made my day!

5 reasons Disneyland

  • 4 > People Watching

This is one of my favourite things to do at Disney parks. I love seeing all the families with matching t-shirts and the expression on little kids faces when they see their favourite princess for the first time.

I always make a point to take a break at one point in the day and check out the crowd when at Disneyland. Happiness, joy and fun is all over the place and I think it’s pretty great.

  • 3 > The size of the Park

This is one thing I really appreciate after having visited the Magic Kingdom last year. Disneyland is the perfect size. I love how you can easily get from Tomorrowland to Adventureland in five minutes. I like how Main street is always right around the corner.

I think Disneyland is a great size and absolutely do-able in one day. It’s not overwhelming. It’s well laid out and has everything you need!

5 reasons Disneyland

  • 2 > Awesome Rides

I mentioned in one of my Instagram posts while at Disneyland that my kids were pretty scared of the “big” rides. This was not a deal breaker because we enjoyed Autopia twice, It’s a Small World, to Gadget’s Go Coaster and even Peter Pan together.

I also got to sneak off to ride the Matterhorn and Indiana Jones by myself. (Pro tip: if your kids are too scared to ride Indiana Jones get a single rider ticket. It’s much faster than the regular line up and you can still take in all the action).

5 reasons Disneyland

  • 1 > Nostalgia

This is by far the #1 reason why I enjoy visiting Disneyland more than my kids. The flood of memories that comes to mind when I first walk into the park is priceless. It makes me happier than anything else in the world.

I love seeing and riding my favourite attractions and eating a Mickey ice cream sandwich.

Perhaps the most exciting thing we did during our one day at Disneyland was getting our children’s silhouettes cut out on Main Street. This was amazing because I remember my husband and I getting ours done about 20 years ago. Talk about reliving memories.

5 reasons Disneyland

5 reasons Disneyland

My family had a great day at Disneyland park. I feel so grateful to have been able to take them to enjoy a day with us at one of my favourite parks.

I’m truly hoping that one day when my kids take their children to Disneyland they will be as excited and happy as I was during our last visit.

5 reasons Disneyland

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Disclosure: I received special perks from Disney Parks Canada to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are always my own.


  1. I wish i could go there every year:). Loved that place where u can feel young again 💕

  2. My husband is like you… he loves the size of it. The fact that you can get to it from the parking lot without having to use a passport, lol. I like it for a quick trip, but I personally love Disney World.

  3. I have never been to Disneyland and it is something my mom always promised my brothers and I but it never happened. SO one day when my husband and I can make it happen, and out daughters are old enough, I for SURE will be having more fun than my kids lol. I will be hitting up all the rides and act just like a kid again

  4. OMGoodness, look like you all had a blast. I have yet to go but, I’m hoping to visit this year and I know I will most likely be the kid in the bunch when I do visit, lol! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Disney and I’m happy to hear about the size of the park for that matters a lot to me. I don’t like to be at a park where people are just falling all over you.

  5. Disneyland is my happy place! I appreciate that my kiddos love it also, but I know what you mean about liking it more than them. I could spend the whole day just taking photos.

  6. The best part about Disneyland is that it really is for all ages. Adults might like it for different reasons it offers such a variety. It’s really all about the memories and time together.

  7. I never been to Disneyland! I’ve been to Disney World many times, but my husband keeps telling me we need to go to Disneyland! I love the idea that it’s all doable in one day!

  8. I’ve never been but I’ve always said I want to go without my kids the first time lol! I’d love to enjoy it without the stress of kids lol

    1. I really want to go without kids one day too. They need an adults-only package then we can all go with just friends! 😉

  9. Oh my goodness I loved this post. Isn’t it true though. My girls live Disney but I can almost bet I love it more!

    1. LOL… that’s totally me. Of course the kids have fun but I have SO MUCH fun and love it 1000% more than them. I’m a Disney geek 😉

  10. I havent been to Disney in years, and my kids have never shown an interest. Your post is making me think it might be good for a girl’s trip though!

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  11. It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time at Disney. I can’t wait to take my family there someday. I’m not sure if I will enjoy it more than my kids though. They really want to visit Disney!

  12. Doable in just one day? I’d be so stressed out running from one place to the next, but we do definitely want to go with the our daughter one of these days.

    1. It’s really doable in one day. I’m pretty chill though and go in with the knowledge that I won’t see it all. It’s such a fun place. You and your daughter would have a blast!

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