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Last winter my children took a one day lesson with Whistler Kids in Creekside. My daughter fell in love with skiing, my son (only 4 at the time) was nervous to try the sport again. This year, we wanted our kids to try a 2 day lesson. My husband and I felt that two days would reinforce the skills that they learnt and that two consecutive days would make them more confident skiers.

We were so impressed with the results after two days of skiing with Whistler Kids. 


When you drop off your kids for the day with Whistler Kids, the first thing you notice is how organized they are. They know your child is coming, they welcome them right away, they set them up with a Whistler Kids bib, put a name sticker on their helmet, give them a Flaik and “hook” them.

The location for lessons is ready to go with a magic carpet, lots of hoops to ski through and tall poles with flowers and butterflies to ski around. Each full day lessons includes snacks and a hot lunch. Kids are grouped by age and skill level.

Whistler Kids ski school review

Whistler Kids Ski school review

Whistler Kids Ski School review

My son was super nervous about leaving us on the first day. He was warning us for days that he wouldn’t go skiing and that he wouldn’t let us leave. When we dropped him off he was in tears. The Whistler Kids instructors took him, looked at us and told us they had it under control. There was no hard feelings about us leaving them with a 5 year old cryer. They took him, brought him on the bunny hill and told us to leave. We headed up to our condo (directly above the Whistler Kids lessons) and saw immediately that our son was perfectly fine and already skiing down the hill.

By the end of the first day my nervous son couldn’t wait to show us what he learnt and was very clear about where he had to be dropped off for the next days’ lesson. He couldn’t wait to go back to learn more.

 {Skill, Games and Tricks}

My husband and I have been skiers for years. I learnt to ski when I was 4 years old. This doesn’t mean I’m capable of teaching my children to ski. Throughout the day we saw Whistler Kids lessons on the mountain. I could hear the games the instructors were playing with the kids, I could see the tricks they were using to teach them how to turn properly, I could also see the kids in all lessons having a great time.

Whistler Kids ski school review

I was so impressed with the rapport the instructors had with their students. Every instructor I came across seemed to really enjoy what they were doing and all the students were very receptive to the skills taught.

{Communication to Parents}

Feedback is probably the most important thing for any parent to receive after a child has had any type of lesson. Whistler Kids does not disappoint in this department, in fact I feel that they go above and beyond.

On the first day my husband and I happened to find our daughter on the mountain after her lesson. Her instructor Heidi gave us so much information about her day. It was amazing to get so much detail on how my daughter did her turns, stopped and listened to instructions. My husband and I were glowing with pride when Heidi told us how well our daughter had done for the day.

Whistler Kids Ski school review

On top of the verbal communication and feedback that you get from the instructor each child is given a report card for each day of lessons. The report card has a short written comment and checks off all the skills your child has mastered and is working on. It also has a Flaik number to the GPS that your child was wearing for the day. We ended each lesson day by pulling up the results of the kids’ ski day on the Flaik website. We were so impressed at all the runs they completed each day.

Whistler Kids ski school review

Overall I cannot be more pleased with Whistler Kids. They run a great operation, they know how to connect with kids and have a great way of teaching them how to ski and snowboard. My daughter was skiing on Whistler mountain on both days of her lessons. She skied on both green and blue runs. She is now a confident skier and keeps asking to go skiing again. My son has great control for a beginner, he loved skiing so much that he wanted to keep going for a third day of ski school.

I will absolutely put my kids in lessons with Whistler Kids again. I trust Whistler Kids to take care of my kids and know that they have the skills to teach them how to ski properly,respect the mountain and be safe.

To learn more about Whistler Kids check out the Whistler Blackcomb website. You can sign up your child for many types of lessons including single day, two day and three day lessons.

You can also follow Whistler Blackcomb on Facebook and Twitter for up to date weather conditions, special offers and more.

I’d love to know, have your kids’ taken ski lessons before? What did they love about their lessons?


  1. My grandchildren 5 & 7 yrs old, stood on skis for the first time last weekend. My grandson (5) astounded everyone, he’s a born natural it seems. He swept down the bunny hill in slalom style and stopped at the bottom, his teacher had his mouth open and said ‘he’s supposed to fall’. He progressed to the next hill straight away – his mum and sister are both still on the bunny hill 🙂

  2. Ahh! They’re so cute. I would be right there with them. Is there an age limit to the “kid’s” lessons? lol I’m 31 and have never skied before!

  3. My kids have been showing a lot of interest in skiing this year! I have heard amazing things about Whistler, always wanted to go and see for myself. Looks like a great place to take the family and play in the snow

  4. Youre so lucky to have such a great Hill close to you. We started our kids on boards last year, and are looking forward to doing more this year. Wed love to go to whistler one day.

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