Our Latest Addiction: Qixels Cubes #giveaway

Last week we received several Qixels sets to test out. We received the Qixels turbo Dryer, the Qixels Fuse Blaster and two Quixels Theme Refill packs.

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. Wasn’t this just like other bead projects my kids had had in the past? Quick answer – NO! Qixels are 100 times better than those sets.

{What are Qixels?}

Qixels are tiny cubes that join together with WATER! Yes, that’s right, no ironing needed.

Each set comes with patterns to follow, lots of cubes and a spray bottle. This project set is very easy to use and the results are great!

Qixels product review

{Qixels Turbo Dryer}

My kids have really enjoyed using the Qixels Turbo Dryer once their projects are done. The Turbo Dryer does not require batteries and speeds up the drying process.

Qixels cubes review

To use the Qixels Turbo Dryer you simply put your finished product in the dryer, spray it with water then make your pattern spin. The dryer dries your project faster than just letting it sit.

{Qixels Fuse Blaster}

My son especially likes this set. The Fuse Blaster is basically a water gun that you use to spray down your project. It works great and is very fun to use.

Qixels review

{Qixels Theme Refill Packs}

Refill sets come with 500 cubes, 4 design templates, 1 design tray and more. You can create many designs with a refill pack. You do not need the Turbo Dryer or the Fuse Blaster to complete any Qixels projects.

Qixels cubes refill packs

{What we love about Qixels}

  • No ironing needed
  • Lots of cubes included in every pack
  • Design templates are included and easy to follow
  • Spray bottle included in each pack
  • Designs stay in tact once water is added
  • Creations are ready after only 30 minutes of drying

Qixels product review

My kids have had a blast with these sets. It has been great to see them concentrate on their creations and help each other out. My daughter did create a few of the design templates but she has had the most fun creating her own design

  Qixels review

The end product with Qixels is great. Sets come with accessories that allow you to display your project or attach it to your bag.

I think Qixels are great sets! I highly recommend these sets for creative kids. Qixels sets would make great birthday or Christmas presents.

My only wish is for Qixels to come out with bags of cubes for purchase as well as refill sets. My kids had fun following the patterns included but had an ever better time creating their own designs. A large bag of cubes would keep them happy and busy for hours!

Qixels are now available in stores across Canada and the US. Prices range from $14.99 – $34.99.

To learn more about Qixels check out the Qixels website. You can also follow them on Facebook for up to date product information and more.


The team at Qixels wants one of my readers to see how great Qixels are! They are giving away a Fuse Blaster to one my readers!

To enter, tell me what your child would like to create with a Qixels set. Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway open to Canadian residents. Mandatory question must be answered to win. Giveaway runs from Oct 19 to Oct 28, 2015. See my terms and conditions for more giveaway info. Void where prohibited.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. My son would definitely make something Minecraft and you never know with my daughter – could be a heart..could be an eyeball! 🙂

  2. We wouldnt follow paterns and likely end up with Minions, Angry birds and something of a mish mash . Thanks for giveaway .

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