Get Ready for Countless Missions with the Star Wars Millennium Falcon and Star Wars Battleship #PlayLikeHasbro #MBSGiftGuide

My kids really love Star Wars. My husband is checking out The Force Awakens tonight and if it’s not too scary we will all be going to see it over the holidays.

My son has a small collection of Star Wars toys. He received Star Wars Hero Mashers and Star Wars Hands Down game for his birthday. This Christmas, he’ll be getting the Galactic Heroes Millennium Flacon and Star Wars Battleship by Hasbro.

{Millennium Falcon}

I am so excited for my son to open this Star Wars playset. The Millennium Flacon playset comes one large vehicle (the millennium falcon) and three characters from Star Wars (Chewbacca, Han Solo and R2D2). The Millennium Falcon opens up, has many moving parts, trap doors and secret compartments. It is a very portable toy since it can fold up and be carried by the handle. I know my son will love playing with this toy. I have a feeling it will be his favourite toy on Christmas morning!

Playskool Millennium Falcon playset is recommended for ages 3-7.

Hasbro Star Wars review


Hasbro Star Wars review


Hasbro Star Wars review

{Star Wars Battleship}

I cannot wait to introduce my kids to this game. It was one of my favourites as a child and I think my kids will really enjoy this version of the game. Instead of traditional ships, Star Wars Battleship includes 8 starships.

The game is played like the traditional game:  Step one – Call your shot and fire! Step two – Track down enemy starships. Step three – Destroy your opponents’ starship!

Star Wars Battleship is recommended for ages 7+.

Hasbro Star Wars review


Hasbro Star Wars review

I look forward to the Star Wars adventures my son will have this holiday season! I know he will really enjoy these toys.

To learn more about Playskool Galactic Heroes and Star Wars Battleship check out the Hasbro website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I’d love to know, do you have Star Wars toys under your tree this Christmas? What are they?


  1. I have several Star Wars toys under the tree for my nephews. One is a Luke Skywalker interactive figure and the other is the Star Wars Hot Wheels Escape from Jakku.

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