Get Ready for Summer with H&M + Giveaway!

Let’s face it – summer is awesome. The weather is warmer, the sun is out, it’s time to go to the beach, the lake and have fun outside.

One of the things I love most about a new season is picking up new clothes for my kids (and a little for me…). By now you may know that I always head to H&M for new outfits for the family. This summer is no different.

When summer approaches I do a huge clean up in my kid’s drawers and make a list of what they’ll need.

For my daughter:

H&M kids summer collection

Thisย summer my daughter needs new dresses, tanks and shorts. I’m so excited to see what’s available at my local H&M store this season.

Some of the items I’ll be picking up for my daughter include a cute vest top, twill shorts with lace trim and some fun summer patterned trainers.

Another item that I always stock up on are girls sleeveless jersey dresses. These dresses are only $5.99 and come inย over 10 different patterns. These dresses are a must for every girl’s wardrobe!

For my son:

H&M kids summer collection

My son has had a growth spurt and needs a ton of t-shirts and tanks (mostly because he needs a change of clothes several times per day).

H&M always has a great selection of t-shirts for only $5.99. I usually grab one in every pattern. They also have great pull-on shorts thatย fit perfectly on my little man.

For me:

H&M ladies summer collection

Of course my wardrobe needs a bit of a refresher too. I’ll be picking up a few patterned vest tops, some twill shorts and at least one dress.

H&M summer collection collage

I know I’ll be ready for summer after shopping at H&M. I appreciate how I can always get outfits for my entire family in one place and at amazing prices. I love the styles and quality of H&M clothing.

To find an H&M store near you check out their store locator. You can also sign up for the H&M newsletter and receive 20% off your first item.


H&M Canada wants YOU to go shopping for a new summer wardrobe. They’re giving away a $150 Gift Card for one of my readers to enjoy.

To enter, check out the H&M website and tell me what you’d buy with your $150 (links to the item is always great!). Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents. Giveaway runs from May 31 – June 12, 2016. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. See my terms & conditions for full giveaway info. Void where prohibited.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I would like to buy some new, bright-colored tops and shorts to wear during my hospital recovery this summer.

  2. I would buy some really cool baby clothes for my new grandchild, they have great onsies, and great patterned pants

  3. I would use this prize to buy some dresses for my daughter. So many wonderful prints to choose from!

  4. Great Scout , Marty. I would get some pretty shorts. Perfect for my niece’s big BDay gifts. . Wow, prize $150 gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pick me, pick me!

  5. I would stock up on some cute summer dresses, especially the patterned sleeveless one with the cutout.

  6. I would definitely get a couple of new dresses, shorts, and a few tops. I would also get a brown fringe purse

  7. i like te boys chinos the shark attack tank top form y son for me id buy some new summer dresses

  8. I would buy a bunch of kids’ clothes for my nieces and nephews, including the toddler espadrilles, sleeveless bodysuits, and Mickey Mouse cap.

  9. I absolutely love the bright gold and blue cotton items for women in the shift dress and shorts, as well as the long kimono. I would buy all three and mix and match them.

  10. I would love to get my little one a bomber jacket (the light pink one they have is perfect!), some of their cute jersey dresses and shorts.

  11. With $150 I would buy my kids clothes. They love anything with Minions, Angry Birds, or Batman on the front. Thanks to H&M’s great fashion sense for kids and their love of characters, I’m sure we could easily spend the money!

  12. I would get a few pairs of Twill shorts (love the blue ones!), the chiffon kimono, and the beautiful black leather sandals! I love H&M!!!!

  13. As much as I would want to shop for myself, my daughter just turned 12 and she wont STOP growing! She doesnt get her height from me (5’2) she will be taller and needs new clothes for grade 7!

  14. For my expecting daughter from the Maternity section I would get her the MAMA Denim Shorts for the hot summer days.

  15. I would buy my kids a new wardrobe! My oldest would be all over this. She would pick out dresses, shoes and accessories. My youngest would want whatever her big sister chooses.

  16. I would stock up on some cool new summer gear for my boys like the fun Stay Cool Printed Vest Top and adorable Sweatshirt Shorts ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you and good luck all!

  17. I would love to pick up the Halterneck maxi dress for myself! For the kids the Tulle dress as well as the Sweatshirt jacket

  18. I’ve recently discovered H&M’s menswear and I’m liking their prices and trendy styles.
    I would buy a few new pairs of slim fit shorts for the summer and let my wife spend the rest lol

  19. I love love love the gray newborn pyjamas so I would definetly purchase a 3 pack of them. My husband just started a new job so I would also purchase a few easy-iron shirts for him so that he feels confident to succeed in his new job!

  20. I would buy the cargo jacket for myself, the sleeveless hooded jacket for my teen son, the blue twill shorts for my tween, the denim shorts with braces for my toddler and the cargo shirt in premium cotton for my husband. I can’t believe I can get something nice for everyone in the family with $150!

  21. Each family member would share in this! For myself I’d get the Cargo Jacket & Swimsuit with Lacing, for my daughter the dark blue striped Jersey Dress, & for my son a couple pairs of the sweatshirt shorts!

  22. If I was lucky enough to win the $150 H&M gift card, I would buy one of the ladies sleeveless dresses ($39.99) a playsut (shorts romper) $19.99 and the rest on my kids- girls shorts, tee shirts and dresses with the remainder.

  23. My younger granddaughters all like Frozen so I would get them the t-shirts, pajamas and dresses with Elsa and Anna on them.

  24. i would buy a bunch of newborn outfits like the bodysuits, jersey shorts, jersey set, jacket and the broderie anglaise sun hat

  25. There is so much my family and I would get from H&M. I would get myself one of the maxi dresses for beach bumming this summer. I would get my daughter a dress plus cute shoes that H&M has.

  26. I would probably get myself some new basics, like the jersey short sleeve top and maybe a maxi dress and then spend the remainder in the children’s department!

  27. so many things to chose from. I would get one of the jersey dresses for my daughter along with some shoes for her and tie-front blouse. For my son I would him some chino shorts and some sweatshirt shorts.

  28. Hope this is not a duplicate. It did not post when I did it before. Please delete if it is.
    I enjoy buying things for my grandchildren more than for myself so I would get them the following: (T-Shirt and Shorts) (Baseball shirt) (2 pack of dresses) (Chiffon Dress) (Jersey Dress)
    With the rest I would buy them an assortment of shorts for summer.

  29. I would get a ton of new clothes for my almost 14 year old. He is growing like a weed and has absolutely nothing that fits!

  30. I would gte my son the minions printed swimming trunks. I would also get him his summer wardrobe

  31. I have a lot more fun buying clothes for my grandchildren than I do for myself. I would buy them the following. (Shirt and shorts) (Baseball Shirt) (2 summer dresses) (Jersey Dress) (Chiffon Dress)
    With the rest I would just pick out some accessories to match.

  32. I would get myself a summer dress, my daughter a summer dress and my granddaughter would get the rest spent on her ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. probably a dress or 2 for myself then clothes for the kids for fall as they’re pretty set for summer

  34. My daughter always wants to wear dresses and she desperately wants me to wear dresses too, so I would get us both a couple of patterned summer dresses from H&M!

  35. Some items I would get would be the Ladies H&M+ Embroidered top & the Ladies H&M+ Jersey top. Plus maybe some t-shirts for hubby.

  36. I love the Jersey pyjamas with a vest top
    $14.99 – its a black pj set with mickey mouse !!! I love it so very much !!

  37. I sould buy myself and my childrens outfits love this store and we have one opening soon in sj now O wont have to travel to get there wooohooo ty for the chance

  38. I would buy myself the sleevless dress and sleevless jumpsuit look absolutely wonderful!
    Then I would buy my daughter a whole bunch of denim shorts and printed jersey tops!

  39. I would buy clothes for my daughter , love the selection and styles , I would get some Sleeveless jersey dress,Jersey top with puff sleeves,Short Twill shorts ,Denim Shorts , so many great things to buy and at great prices

  40. I totally need some cute new summer clothes + I’d stock my toddlers closet with adorable tees + shorts for the summer!

  41. I’m looking to get a bunch of slick clothes to amp up my wardrobe. Tired of the track pants+hoodies look.

  42. HMV has great dresses! My shopping would include dresses, handbags, shoes and maybe if there is any left over I would purchase some of their jewelry.

  43. I would get my son a pair of chino shorts and the straw hat with the blazer! Perfect for a summer wedding.

  44. With the giftcard I would get the watermelon pouch bag, black poncho with fringes, and a whack of high waisted denim shorts.

  45. I would purchase a selection of T-shirts and shorts for the summer adding some accessories of sandals and bags. I also like the beach kimono.

  46. There are some gorgeous cotton shirts on the site and there is a bomber jacket that is very cute.

  47. I would get a top for myself but mostly I would get cloths for my kids. They have lots of great clothing.

  48. I so need some new clothes since I have dropped several sizes and everything is too big. I would buy this dress, a pair of these shorts in black, this pair of shorts and 2 pairs of these chinos -one in blue and the other in beige .thats a lot of stuff with $150.

  49. As H&M doesn’t carry plus sizes in Calgary, I would spend it on the kids and get them some angry birds tshirts and some shorts.

  50. I need a whole new set of summer clothes so for me it’s T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and a cardigan, oh sandals I need too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love H&M, so many nice clothes at affordable prices. ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. With $150 I would pick a hooded cardigan for my husband. For myself and off the shoulder blouse. And a lyocell jacket. A couple.pairs of joggers and harem pants.

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