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On the top of my daughter’s Christmas list this year are American Girl products. This has been the case for the past two years. She’s in love with her doll, Grace Thomas. She and her friends love playing with their American Girl dolls. They spend hours dressing them, brushing their hair and role playing with them.

This year, my daughter will be receiving some great American Girl products from She’ll be opening two American Girl design kits and four American Girl books on Christmas morning.

{American Girl Books}

American Girl books

Did you know that American Girl has a large series of books for young girls? You’ll find American Girl advice books, activity books and historical fiction books at Chapters and Indigo stores.

We received four American Girl books: Friends Forever, School Spirit, This and That? Quiz book and the Which Are You? Quiz book. 

The quiz books are filled with fun quizzes to help your child learn more about themselves.

In “This or That” you are asked questions about preferences. For example, would you prefer to be a vet for family pets OR farm animals? These questions can lead to very interesting discoveries.

American Girl This or That book

In “Which ___ are you?” You’ll find quizzes to answer that reveal what type of person you are. I really like the “Which Volunteer Are You?” quiz. At the back of the book you’ll find a description of the type of person you are based on your answers.

American Girl book review

My daughter will flip out when she opens her “School Spirit” book. This book is filled with fun games, art projects, hair styles and more that every girl can do for school. As a teacher, I especially like the Study Smarts quiz and the Study-and-Stay Sleepover idea.

American Girl School Spirit book

The “Friends Forever” book is another fun book filled with great ideas and examples of how to be a good friend. It includes more fun activities, games and a Best Friends Forever pledge. I really like the Pay-It-Forward cards included and the Sweet and Sneaky Sayings girls can give to their friends.

American Girl Friends Forever book

{American Girl Design Kits}

There are many American Girl Design Kits to choose from. We received the T-Shirt Design kit and the Tutu Design Kit. I know my daughter will love both!

The T-Shirt Design Kit come with two white t-shirts, one for your child and one for her doll. It also comes with cute stamps, ink pads, fabric markers and instructions. I know my daughter will love to create matching shirts for her and her doll.

American Girl T-Shirt Design kit

The American Girl Tutu Design Kit comes with everything you need for your child to make a tutu for themselves and for their doll. This kit comes with an elastic band for both your child and her doll, four beautiful colours of organza and instructions.

American Girl tutu design kit

Most American Girl books and design kits are available in Chapters or Indigo stores. You can also find them online. American Girl books and design kits range in price from $13.50 – $29.99. Chapters and Indigo ships orders for FREE to any store or orders of $25 and up are shipped FREE to your home.

American Girl dolls and accessories can be seen online but need to be purchased from a Chapters or Indigo store. They cannot be purchased from the site. If your city does not have an American Girl boutique in your Chapters or Indigo store you can purchase at any in-store kiosk and it will also be shipped directly to your home or store.

I know my daughter will absolutely love these American Girl products. I can already picture her completing some of the quizzes on Christmas morning.

To learn more about American Girl doll products check out the American Girl section on the Chapters and Indigo website.  You’ll find all the products mentioned here on the site plus so many more dolls and accessories.

I’d love to know, does your child love American Girl? What doll does she have or wish to have?


  1. My oldest daughter is really into designing shirts lately. She would love to make a shirt for herself and a matching one for her doll. I’m not sure she’d be interested in the quiz books yet though.

  2. My daughter has really wanted an American Girl doll. They’re just a bit expensive. These products would be a nice compromise!

  3. The Friends Forever book is something my child would love to fill out & keep forever to look back on when she’s an adult. What a fun gift.

  4. Wow, I notice on their website that you can “Dress Like Your Doll” – I can imagine how fun that would be for young girls! I know I would have loved that when I was a kid!!!

  5. We love the American Girl books! My daughter is getting some for Christmas – it’s so nice that they are available in Canada now!

  6. I love kits like these that give your child a sense of accomplishment & they can use what they’ve created themselves. The organza for the tutu is so pretty!

  7. Thank you for the wonderful gift idea! My little one loves the American Girl dolls, she is going to be so excited with some of these accessories!

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