Kids Baking Fun with Yummy Nummies Kits

My daughter LOVES to make “potions” and bake. She gets adores mixing things together and creating something fun and tasty. She also loves following instructions.

That’s why I was looking forward to trying Yummy Nummies: candy, snack and meal making kits. 

We received two kits to try out, the Donuts Delight Maker and the Candy Bar Maker set. Both sets were well designed and came with everything my daughter needed to complete the candy or snack.

Yummy Nummies review

Yummy Nummies review

The instructions were very easy to follow and the results were good! I especially liked that the kits are no-bake. The use of a microwave is required for all kits. Both kits only took minutes to make and were easy clean up.

Both my kids got a kick out of making their own mini chocolate bars and mini donuts.

Yummy Nummies review

There are several Yummy Nummies kits available in stores now. You’ll find everything from Cupcake Cuties Maker to the Best Ever Burger Maker. They are priced from $12.99 to $34.99.

Yummy Nummies kits are a great way for your child to explore what they can make in the kitchen. I think Yummy Nummies would make a great gift for a young child.

To learn more about Yummy Nummies you can check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. 


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