All about the MaxPass at Disneyland Resort

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My family just returned from our most magical trip to Disneyland Resort ever. Last week we spent a full day at Disney California Adventure. We had to check out the park because of the new Pixar Pier.

.Disney MaxPass PhotoPass Pixar Pier

Pixar Pier absolutely met our expectations (we loved ALL the little details and updates) but the best part of our day was having access to the new MaxPass system at Disneyland Resort.

What is MaxPass

The MaxPass program is an add-on to your park ticket that allows you to make FastPass reservations from your phone and have access to all your photos from the Disney PhotoPass photographers.

The cost of the MaxPass is $15 per person per day. Guests with an Annual Passport can add the MaxPass for $75 per year.

The MaxPass works for both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure park. You can make FastPass reservations for both parks in one day if you are park hopping.

How to get a MaxPass

You can purchase the MaxPass add-on when you purchase your tickets at the Disneyland Resort or add it when you purchase your ticket in the Disneyland App. 

If you didn’t purchase it up front, you can add it at any time once you’ve entered the park. The process is straightforward. Once you have purchased your MaxPass you can start making FastPass reservations.

How to Use the MaxPass

MaxPass Disneyland App

Using your MaxPass is simple:

  • > You will need the free Disneyland App to use MaxPass. Download the App before arriving at the park
  • > You can start using the MaxPass as soon as you enter the park
  • > You cannot make FastPass reservations until after your ticket is scanned at the entrance
  • > Link your family and friends tickets in your app (we are a family of four so I made sure we were all linked)
  • > Click the “Get FastPass with Disney MaxPass” button, select the park and see what attractions are available
  • > Confirm your selection and enjoy the park
  • > You can cancel a FastPass if your plans change. It’s easy to do, just follow the instructions in your app

.MaxPass FastPass at Disneyland Resort

Important Facts:

  • > Guests can hold more than one FastPass at a time. Once you make your FastPass selection it will give you a time when you will be able to make a second or third FastPass selection.
  • > You can use your phone to scan the FastPass tickets
  • > Your Park ticket also registers the FastPass. If your phone runs out of battery, you can scan your park tickets and the FastPass will work.
  • > You cannot get a valid physical FastPass ticket if you are holding the maximum number of FastPasses in the MaxPass app. The systems are linked.

How to take advantage of the PhotoPass

Having access to all my photos for the day was a BIG bonus for me. It meant not having to ask other families to take photos of us all day and gave us the opportunity to be photographed in prime locations while at the park.

Every time I saw a Disney photographer (and it was a spot or character I wanted a photo with) we would get in line for a photo. After the photographer takes your photos you give them your phone and they scan your PhotoPass Code. If your phone is not available you can obtain a photo card from the photographer and link your photos together.


We ended up with 48 photos of our day. Photos included great family photos in front of Pixar Pier and very special photos with Spider-Man, Red and Frozone. Photos from attractions (like Radiator Springs and the Incredicoaster) are also included. It was easy for me to share my photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Frozone Pixar Pier

Photos taken by the Disney photographer always showed up on my phone about 20 minutes after we posed for photos. It was fun to received these and review them throughout the day.

.Disney Photopass maxpass

Do my little ones need MaxPass?

In my opinion, young children that won’t be going on the FastPass rides do not need a MaxPass. The same goes for any guest that doesn’t want to go on the big rides.

The best part is that you can still have them in your photos or link their photos to your account for the day that you have a MaxPass.

Our Experience

I was very impressed with our MaxPass experience. It was easy for me to add the MaxPass to all our tickets. I absolutely think it was worth an extra $15 per day.

Using the MaxPass saved me time from running to every attraction, helped plan my day and included many great photos. I honestly think it’s a great add-on and will always purchase it, especially if I am visiting the park for only one day.

The Disneyland Resort has some wifi hotspots where you can use the app for free. I decided to purchase a roaming plan for our day at Disney California so I wouldn’t have to rely on wifi.

Radiator Springs attraction Disney California Adventure

I’d love to know, have you used the MaxPass? Do you have questions about using the MaxPass?

Leave me your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

.All About the MaxPass at Disneyland




  1. Never went to Disney – and all the tips and tricks every where confuse me! Passes and reservations and switching/swapping… Ugh! Its work to go on vacation!

  2. Wow! It’s been awhile since I went. Last time when I went they had Fast Pass but that’s nice that you can connect that with your phone.

  3. I’m so happy you told me about this Max Pass. I can’t wait to download the Disney app and try it when we visit Disneyland in a few weeks! Love that I can actually be in the photos as I’m always the one taking photos. I also love that we can just get our fast passes from our phone and not have to physically walk to the ride to get them like back in the days.

  4. Thank you very much for this information…we are Canadian , but go almost every January to disneyland or disney world…have never heard of this before

  5. The MaxPass sounds like a great idea and well worth the money. It all sounds wonderful and thanks for the great tips for the next time we go to Disney.

  6. I’m so glad to hear about this! I have no problem paying that little bit extra if it makes that much difference time-wise. I’d love to know how busy it was… we’re also traveling during summer vacation (we leave the end of the week) and I’m wondering if we’ll be able to do all the rides and see the parades etc. in 3 days?

    1. I think the MaxPass is a must on busy days. It was quite busy when we were there but we were able to do all the rides we wanted (some twice) because of the MaxPass. My biggest tip is to reserve a FP for Radiator Springs as soon as you get into to DCA. After 90min (or so) you can start reserving your second FP.

  7. The Max pass sounds like the way to go! Will let my daughter know they are thinking of going with my granddaughters!

  8. Thanks for the information. My BFF and I have been planning a trip to Disney for my godson’s 5th birthday (in 1.5 years) and I want to make its the BEST EVER! In addition to this add on, what else is available for VIP experiences… I am not too worried about money and cost, but I do want it to be of value!

  9. That is totally cool! love that they have this available and will keep in mind for whenever we will be able to get our butts there 🙂

  10. I need to remember this for when we plan our Disney trip, thanks for the tip! It definitely seems worth it to just buy it.

  11. This is awesome!! I would’ve loved this for my past visits to Disney. Just makes the visit more convenient and worry free. I find myself having a gazillion photos and struggling to fit in family selfies – so this would be awesome to leave it to the professionals and get it automatically sent to my phone. Mind blowing!!

  12. Also have to remember that it’s not just $10 per day, its $10 per day per person who wants to use it. It is a game changer though especially for photos.

    1. Absolutely Tamara. I think it’s important to note that not everyone in your party would need the MaxPass, especially if they don’t plan on going on FastPass rides. I also don’t think it’s necessary to get a MaxPass for multiple days. If a family visits the park for 3 days, they’d do well with one day with MaxPass.

  13. whoa.. i had no idea about all of this! Thats incredible! Saving this for a friend headed that way in a few months

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