Race at Sea on the Norwegian Bliss Race Track

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Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Norwegian Bliss, has officially set sail on its inaugural season. This ship is incredible and was specifically designed for sailing to Alaska.

I recently sailed with my husband on the NCL Bliss during its inaugural cruise from Seattle.

This ship has an enormous amount of amenities but one of my favourite experience on board was the NCL Race Track.

Norwegian Bliss Race Track Podium

Norwegian Bliss Go-Karts helmets

Norwegian Bliss Go Karts

Everything you need to Know about the Race Track:

  • 1> The two-level race track on the Norwegian Bliss is the largest race track at sea.
  • 2> There is no age limit to experience the NCL Race Track. The minimum height to ride is 48″(1.20m), the maximum height is 79″ (2.00m).
  • 3> There is a cost of $9.95 per race. Guests can use their onboard credits towards the race track.
  • 4> There are up to ten drivers at one time on the race track.
  • 5> It’s recommended to make a reservation for the race track. Reservations can be made through the interactive TVs in guest rooms,  on the Cruise Norwegian Mobile App,  and on the interactive touch-screen kiosks throughout the ship, or with the onboard team.
  • 6> There are single go-karts and double go-karts available to race. Double cars are great for families with young children. There are allocated time slots in which the two-seater go-karts are available for reservation.
  • 7> One ride on the race track is 8 laps.
  • 8> When the ship is at sea, the race track is open from 9 am to midnight. When at port, the track’s availability is dependent on where the ship is and the movement of the guest.
  • 9> Guests can choose to wait standby for the race-track but priority is given to those with reservations. 
  • 10> Race photos will eventually be available for purchase. 

NCL Bliss race track

I can honestly say that racing my husband at sea was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The go-karts are fast (top speed is 30 miles per hour). They maneuver very easily and are so fun to drive.

We had the pleasure to experience the race track twice. Both times were exhilarating! I wish we had taken the time to race at night but that’s a goal for our next trip on the Norwegian Bliss.

Norwegian Bliss Race Track

To learn more about the new Norwegian Bliss check out:

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I’d love to know, can you imagine yourself racing on the Norwegian Bliss? Who would you most like to race?


  1. I would love this! Makes me think of racing video games with how it looks, ocean in the background. So cool.

  2. that looks flippin amazing!! what a fabulous idea and to have it on a cruise ship?? SO COOL! the views sweet

  3. I love go carting. This takes it to a whole new level! What fun. I’ve seen many of the large cruise ships at dock in Skagway, Alaska, but I’ve never been on one. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one next visit!

  4. I still can’t believe they have a go kart track ON a cruise ship. So, so cool and Evan would love it.

  5. Zoom! Zoom!! Okay, this seriously looks like so much fun. Plus on a cruise ship. Its like you can’t go wrong in the fun department. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  6. It boggles my mind that they can have this on a cruise ship. I thought the climbing walls and mini golf courses were already pretty incredible.

  7. My kids would love this. Have been debating on a cruise, maybe this is the one we should take for our first one?

  8. My husband and I will be on the Bliss very soon. I’ve been reading a lot of the reviews and I’ve seen that the reservations for the go-karts are booked entirely on the first day of the cruise. Did you find this to be true? When did you make your reservations? I know my husband would love to take a few spins around the track so I want to be sure to book something before everything is gone.
    Sounds like you had a blast!

    1. We were on the inaugural cruise with a media group so we had blocks of time to use the go-karts. It would be a shame if you couldn’t get a reservation because its such a great experience. I’d make a point to book right away when you board the ship. If they get all booked up I would go stand by or ask the crew on board to help you make a reservation. Good luck and have fun on the Bliss!

  9. WOW! That is my type of cruise with a race track! I’m sold! This is an activity my whole family would enjoy.

  10. You wouldn’t be able to get me off of those! I love racing, and doing it on a cruise ship would be amazing!

  11. Oh how fun! My boys would absolutely love to take this on – such a great activity to do – especially on those long sea days!

  12. I heard of aggressive driving by some adults. (ie rear ending kids) Do they split the sessions based on experience? I am hoping they would as this would avoid any injuries for slower drivers and also enhanced the experience for those who wish to go faster and is grouped with other who want to do the same

    1. I didn’t experience any aggressive driving when I was on. Cars can be slowed down by the crew managing the race track and drivers can be called off the track if they are not driving safely. As far as I could tell the race track crew was monitoring drivers very seriously (I heard them firmly request for one driver to put their phone away). I’m hoping they will continue to watch vigilantly so that everyone can have a safe and fun experience.

  13. Wow, how cool is that! My kids would love this too. Our family has never been on a cruise yet, but looks like there’s lots to do!

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