6 Things we Loved about LEGOLAND California #FamilyTravel

Last August my family headed to Southern California for a family holiday. My kids are LEGO maniacs so we had to check out LEGOLAND California.

We had researched a lot before going to LEGOLAND and were so excited to see the LEGO displays, go on the rides and check out the water park.

We had a great day in LEGOLAND. Here are the 5 things we liked the most:

1 – Kid Appropriate Rides

My husband and I found the rides at LEGOLAND very appropriate for our kids (ages 4 and 8). They weren’t too scary for them and were super fun. We also loved the fact that many of the ride line ups had activities to keep the kids busy when waiting. We saw huge LEGO bins everywhere for kids to enjoy while waiting in line.

LEGOLAND California rides

2 – LEGO displays

LEGOLAND wouldn’t be LEGOLAND without cool displays. We absolutely loved the Star Wars area and Miniland USA. It was impressive to see what master builders can make with LEGO. We were very impressed with the attention to detail in these displays.

LEGOLAND California review

3 – The LEGO Movie Experience

This was probably my favourite part of LEGOLAND California. You’ll find the LEGO Movie Experience in Heartlake city. It’s not to be missed. When you step inside The LEGO Movie Experience you’ll find models from the actual film. My kids and I had so much fun finding our favourite characters in every model.

4 – Heartlake City

My daughter absolutely loves LEGO Friends. She was so excited to experience Heartlake City. Heartlake City is no huge but has Mia’s Riding Camp (a fun carousel) and the LEGO Friends Forever Stage. We really enjoyed the live shows at the Forever Stage. My kids loved seeing their favourite LEGO Friends in real life!

LEGOLAND California review

5 – LEGOLAND Waterpark

The LEGOLAND California waterpark is situated at the very back of the park. It’s got plenty of change rooms, lots of seating and two large waterpark areas. We spent time in both the Chima Water Park and the main water park. My kids couldn’t wait to get into the Lion Temple Wave Pool, Cragger’s Splash Park and the DUPLO Splash Safari. 

LEGOLAND California waterpark review


LEGOLAND California waterpark review

6 – Getting a driver’s license at Driving School

My kids had already heard about the LEGO driving school from friends back home. They were so excited to go to Fun Town and get their very own license. There are two different tracks, one for ages 3-5 (Junior Driving School) and one for ages 6-13 (Driving School). The attendants won’t let little guys at the regular driving school even if your child knows how to drive motorized cars. (We tried to sneak our son in and it didn’t work). My kids absolutely loved this attraction. They still talk about how they got their driver’s license in LEGOLAND.

LEGOLAND California review

LEGOLAND California was very easy to get to (we were coming from the Newport Coast). There is ample parking and restaurants at the site. I really appreciated the size of LEGOLAND. It was absolutely possible to experience the entire park in one day. If your kids are LEGO fanatics you may want to spend two days.

To learn more about LEGOLAND California, check out their website. You’ll also want to look at their calendar as LEGOLAND California is not open every day in the winter months. You can follow LEGOLAND on Facebook and Twitter for up to date park information and more.

I’d love to know, have you taken your kids to LEGOLAND California? What was your favourite thing there?




  1. I haven’t been to Legoland California yet… I am thinking of taking my son there sometime in the next couple years, I think he would love it!

  2. Oh my goodness, it really does seem to have something for everyone. I love that it also has a water park. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a fun place to spend a day at! This would have made my boy so happy when he was younger….maybe we’ll get there one day with our girl!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun, even looks like fun for the parents too, it would be amazing seeing all the cool lego attractions, glad they had fun and enjoyed themselves!!

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