6 Reasons to take your Child to Cirque du Soleil

Disclosure: This was a gifted experience. All thoughts and opinions are always my own.

I think I was 12 the first time I saw a show by Cirque du Soleil. I was blown away from start to finish and became a true fan from that day on.

Last week, I took my kids to see Corteo in our city. My children are 7 and 11 years old. I was especially excited about this show because both my children have been intrigued by the circus since watching The Greatest Showman last month. I was also really looking forward to taking my son to his first Cirque du Soleil performance.

.Cirque du soleil with kids

As I sat in the audience I felt proud to have brought my children to such a wonderful performance.

6 Reasons to bring your Child to Cirque du Soleil:

  • > The storylines are easy to follow for every age group.
  • > The sets are detailed, colourful and original. There is nothing else like the rotating stages, hanging chandeliers and swinging trapeze from a Cirque du Soleil show.
  • > The costumes are unique and creative.
  • > The athleticism is incredible. Children will be impressed and inspired by every jump, flip, and trick.
  • > The clowns are not your typical characters. They are funny, goofy and quite relatable.
  • > The music is original and is sang and played live. 

Bouncing Beds Corteo Cirque du Soleil

Chandelier Corteo by Cirque du Soleil

My children thoroughly enjoyed Corteo. They laughed so hard, were intrigued by the hula-hoops, bed jumping scenes and the teeter totter action. They loved the clowns, the music and the moving set.

Cyr Wheel Corteo Cirque du Soleil

Bringing our children to see Cirque du Soleil was a great idea and an event they will remember always.

Corteo was not scary, it was easy to follow and packed with original acts that caught my children’s attention.

I believe I’ve seen 5 Cirque du Soleil shows, they have all been fabulous. I plan to continue seeing them (the plan is to see them all!). Now that I’ve exposed my children to Cirque du Soleil I think I’ll always have someone wanting to attend the shows with me.

About Corteo

Corteo is currently on tour across Canada and the US. It will be stopping in Vancouver, Kelowna, Quebec, Toronto and more. Specially priced children tickets are available for most shows.

To see if Corteo is coming to your city, click here.

.6 Reasons to take your child to Cirque du Soleil

To learn more about Cirque du Soleil:

I’d love to know, have you taken your child to see a Cirque du Soleil performance. Which one and how did they like it?


  1. I saw a Cirque performance when I was in Vegas many moons ago – long before kids. If the opportunity to take them ever comes our way, I would certainly want them to experience it.

  2. i would lovvvvvvve to go to cirque de soleil. they are so very talents and what a beautiful set. hanging off those chandeliers … it looks very breathtaking

  3. I have never been to see a live show of Cirque du Soleil, but I would love to one of these days, I like to watch them whenever they happen to be on tv

  4. Oh, I love Cirque so much. I think I was about the same as you, seeing Cirque for the first time as a tween. I caught Mystere in Las Vegas at the time and have since seen about a half dozen Cirque shows total. Looking forward to bringing my little one when she’s a tad older.

  5. My girls would LOVE to see this show. I went a few years back and was captivated the entire time as well.

  6. We saw cirque the first time in Las Vegas with my family. I was about 18 or so and my mind was BLOWN!!! I love the show

  7. We love Cirque but haven’t taken our kids yet. I think either this year or next we’ll take them since they’ll be old enough to enjoy it.

  8. YES! I have not yet been to any Cirque show and have always wanted to take my kids…but I wasn’t sure if the price would be justified for the experience. Sounds like it is definitely a family friendly event.

    1. There were child ticket prices for Corteo in our city. I think if you factor that in it’s very much worth the cost. It’s really a great family event.

  9. I took my son years ago when he was about 6yo, but I can’t recall the name of the performance. You’re right Cirque is VERY family-friendly and we were both captivated the entire time.

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