Ultimate Relaxation at Turneffe Island Resort in Belize

My husband and I just returned from our first real getaway since we’ve had kids. We spent 7 days at Turneffe Island Resort in Belize. I had never considered traveling to Belize before. I had heard of this small country in Central America a few times but had never really looked into going there. An amazing opportunity came up and my husband and I made our way to Belize.

How to get to Turneffe Island Resort

Turneffe Island resort is located 1.5 hours by boat from Belize City. An airport transfer is included in all packages at Turneffe Island Resort (TIR). We were picked up by Junior at Belize City International Airport and were driven to the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina. We hung out at the Radisson and explored the area around the hotel for most of the day. The comfortable boat to Turneffe Island Resort left at 2:30 pm at the marina just outside the doors of the Radisson. Our journey to the resort by boat came with Caribbean music, warm wind and delicious rum punch to prepare us for island time along with other guests and some of the TIR staff.

5 Fun Facts About This Resort:

  1. Belize is part of the Commonwealth and English is the spoken language
  2. The island is on a secluded 14 acre property
  3. You can only get there by boat or helicopter
  4. It has its own power generators
  5. The island filters its own water, you can drink and fill your water bottle  from any tap



Turneffe Island Resort is located on it’s own private island. The island has a variety of beautiful suites and villas. You can book a private villa, a superior room or deluxe room. All rooms have an ocean view and an amazing outdoor shower. My husband and I stayed in the Honeymoon suite. It was incredible. We had a large veranda, extremely comfortable king size bed, modern bathroom and air conditioning. Hammocks are situated throughout the island and there are special spots to sit and take in the view every few steps.

Turneffe Island Resort review


The resort has a lovely pool overlooking the ocean. It also has miles of beach front. My husband and I jumped off the dock numerous times and spotted so many tropical fish without having to swim far. Free and available to all guests are kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and a sailboat.

Turneffe Island Resort review Turneffe Island Resort review

The resort staff always keeps guests entertained. One of the funnest evenings was BBQ night. It’s a communal dining experience that’s similar to most meals, however this event was served outdoors. This evening ended with a very competitive hermit crab race where the prize for the winner is a drink of their choice from the bar. There is also a spa on the island. It’s an intimate spa that can house up to 2 guests at a time and offers daily spa specials.


All guests dine in the main dining room at the resort. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at specific times and are announced the ringing of the cook’s bell. Appies are served at the bar everyday before dinner as a way for guests to reconnect after their eventful day, and to catch  up and share stories.

Snacks are available in the dining room throughout the day. I often stopped in for some home-made cookies and treats. Some of my favourite meals included Eggs Benny for breakfast, Pork fajitas for lunch and the Friday evening beach BBQ. The chef is very attentive and can accommodate guests with a gluten-free diet or other specific dietary needs. The Belizean family culture comes out at the Sunday dinner where all dishes are inspired by local and family recipes.

Turneffe Island Resort review

Obviously the best spot on this island is the bar. George the bartender has a knack for magic tricks, making guests feel special, and mixing drinks. My favourite drink had to be the Blue Hole, rightfully named after the bucket list Great Blue Hole excursion. Everything at the resort is fantastic, however people like George and the rest of the staff are the reasons why many guests return every year.

Turneffe Island Resort review


Guests come here to relax but are drawn by world class snorkelling, scuba diving or salt water fly fishing. When booking you can select one of these three packages or just book the room and board. I’ve been to a few tropical places in the world but I’ve never experienced waters like these. We’re talking crystal clear waters with fish that seem to appear for miles, or flats where you can walk with warm water up to your ankles. The water is very warm and full of life. Anglers come here just to fly fish the infamous bone fish and permit.

The resort’s professional guides will take you on many adventures during your stay. My husband and I opted for snorkelling during this trip to Belize and were taken on as many as three snorkelling trips per day. The highlight of our stay was our trip the the Great Blue Hole. The entire resort boarded a boat early on Tuesday morning and made the 1 hour journey to this world renown giant submarine sinkhole. The variety of fish and creatures spotted at the Blue Hole was incredible. For many this is a checklist destination on their bucket list. It’s a trip that’s worth doing and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to snorkel there, and to witness this beautiful natural wonder. The Discovery Channel has marked the Great Blue Hole as one of the top places in the world to visit.

Turneffe Island Resort review On other days we boarded a boat with our guide JV and were taken out to many amazing spots just minutes from the resort. Jumping off the boat in the middle of the Caribbean Sea was quite the treat and it didn’t take much effort or time to be surrounded by thousands of fish, turtles, lobsters, and sharks.

The Staff

Turneffe Island Resort has over 40 staff on the island there to make your stay luxurious, comfortable and relaxing. You won’t see most of the staff because they work behind the scenes. The staff members you do come across are amazing, friendly and very proud of Belize. The service at TIR was exceptional. From the managers, to the wait staff to the bartender, everyone is there to make sure you are having a good time.

Two of my favourite little touches were the morning coffee or tea service at your villa doorstep and the turn down service offered every night. When you wake up, you’ll find just what you need outside your door to start the day. When you return to your villa after dinner and an evening at the bar you will find a beautiful note or poem on your pillow. My husband and I enjoyed every note during our stay.

How to Book

The best way to book your trip to Turneffe Island Resort is to contact the resort directly. By doing so you can discuss what room type, activity package and plan your arrival details directly with a representative of the resort. The Turneffe Island site often has great special offers so it’s good to check there before you book.

Turneffe Island Resort review


Our trip to Turneffe Island Resort is something my husband and I will never forget. It was a trip of a lifetime. It was extremely relaxing, warm and special. I never imagined I would ever spend a week on a private caribbean island. I’m so happy we visited Belize and am already planning to return with my children.

I highly recommend you put Turneffe Island Resort on your radar. It is a place worth experience at least once in your lifetime.

To learn more about Turneffe Island Resort check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates and special offers.

I’d love to know, if you travelled to Turneffe Island Resort would you snorkel, dive or fish?


  1. Sounds amazing!! It would be nice to go and just relax, that last photo looks like the same spot Gene and Shannon Simmons were at!

  2. Oh gosh, how gorgeous is that resort??? I just want to pack my bags and go! Love your travel pics; it’s easy to see you had a fab time.

    J and I are trying to figure out where we should go to celebrate our 10th anniversary next year. I’m entirely bookmarking your page to remember this option when its time to finally decide. 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous place and beautiful pictures! I’ve enjoyed snorkeling before, but I’d love to try diving. I haven’t so far because of the steep investment in lessons and gear. But what an experience that would be, especially in Belize!

  4. What an amazing resort! I’d love to visit it one day!! About the snorkeling….I’m not sure. Can I be lowered in a glass box? lol! I love seeing the underwater wild life, i’m just not so sure about having them swimming around me!

  5. Our entire family snorkelled in Belize off the barrier reef there and it was amazing!!! Loved that. This is an area I would return to in a heartbeat. We were only there because it was a port on the cruise we took. But I made sure that was one of the ports because I really wanted to be there. So loved the area. I understand the weather is also fairly temperate as in it was 22 the day we were there in December that year and it was quite mild not overwhelmingly hot like the Caymans.

    1. It was amazing and I would absolutely recommend staying there longer than a cruise ship stop. It was quite warm when we were there in May. I believe it was 33 but felt like 40. I didn’t mind though because I had an ocean or pool to jump in if I was hot!

  6. This looks so amazing! I’ve only been to Belize once on a cruise, so we didn’t get to spend much time there. But I would love to go back! This looks perfect!

    1. Diving in Belize would be amazing. I’m happy I had the opportunity to snorkel there, that was an incredible experience.

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