Costco Snacks to Pack for your Next Trip

I have always been one to pack many many snacks for myself and my kids when we go on any trip.

I can’t imagine getting on a plane without some snacks in our carry-on to keep us satisfied until we get to our destination.

I was so impressed with so many new snack options at my Costco warehouse this week.

Here are some of my suggestions for the best Costco snacks to pack for your next trip.

  • 1 > Kashi bars
  • Costco has a great 2 flavour pack of Kashi bars available now. Boxes include 20 Chocolate Chip Chia bars, and 20 Honey Oat Flax bars.
  • .Kashi bars at Costco
  • 2 > THINaddictives
  • These tasty almond thin cookies are delicious. Our warehouse currently has a Mango and Coconut version too.
  • .THINaddictives at Costco
  • 3 > Goldfish
  • You can’t go wrong with these snacks. My kids love snacking on these. These small packs are perfect for travel.
  • .Goldfish at Costco
  • 4 > Walkers Shortbread cookies
  • These are new in our warehouse and I am OBSESSED with them. The cookies are soft and buttery and absolutely perfect. They are a must-have in your pantry and as a snack for your next vacay.
  • .Walkers shortbread at Costco
  • 5 > Celebration cookies
  • Hello, chocolate and butter cookies combo. If you haven’t had these before, do yourself a favour and pick up a box. They are delicious. I love these 2-pack packages for travel.
  • .Celebration Cookies at Costco
  • 6 > GoGo Squeez
  • FYI – kids can bring these across security (at least, mine have always had no problem!). These organic apple sauces are great to pack in a carry-on. I love that Costco now has a variety pack, because who doesn’t love the apple and peach combo?
  • .GoGoSqueez at Costco
  • 7 > SunRype Fruit to Go
  • These bars are another great snack to bring along in your bag. The Costco pack comes with four varieties and are all so tasty.
  • .Fruit to Go at Costco
  • 8 > Welch’s Fruit Snacks
  • My kids still ask for these in their lunches and for their snack pack when we go away. These mixed fruit gummies are sure to help your kids not get hangry.
  • .Welch's Fruit Snacks at Costco

I’ll be bringing a variety of these on our next trip. I’ll also pack snacks in reusable containers for everyone to enjoy on the plane.

.Costco Snacks to Pack for your Next Trip

I’d love to know, what’s your go-to snack when you’re traveling?


  1. I love that you highlighted various snacks. My kids would eat any of those that you highlighted. Love the new ideas!

  2. I’m not nearly so healthy… I like licorice and sunflower seeds. My daughter (who is almost 18 now) likes chips. My husband likes fruit.

  3. We’re pretty obsessed with getting snacks from Costco – must be the great selection and the extra large packaging.

  4. I haven’t been to Costco for several years now, but definitely would have a hard time stopping myself from buying all of these yummy snacks!

  5. I dont have a costco membership but WOW would the big boxes of gold fish, welshes and gogo pouches really come in handy! im buying those weekly

  6. Great ideas for the road trip I’ve been planning with my grandchildren. Hopeful we can still go in August .

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