Beyblade Burst Evolution Ultimate Tournament Collection by Hasbro

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Beyblade continues to be one of my son’s favourite toys. He absolutely likes the challenge of spinning his Beyblade tops and seeing which one will last the longest.

Beyblade Burst Evolution Ultimate Tournament Collection

About the Beyblade Burst Evolution Ultimate Tournament Collection

The new Beyblade Burst Evolution Ultimate Tournament Collection is the most amazing gift for any Beyblade fan.

It includes:

  • > 6 SwitchStrike tops, a Beystadium inspired by the Beyblade Burst World Tour and two SwitchStrike launchers. 
  • > 2 right/left-spin SwitchStrike launchers
  • > 4 interchangeable rings
  • > 6 SwitchStrike tops (3 right-spin, 2 left-spin, 1 right/left-spin)
  • > Luinor L3 and Fafnir F3 (left-spin tops)
  • > Genesis Valtryek V3, Satomb S3 and Khalzar K3 (right-spin
  • > Spryzen Requiem S3 (left/right-spin top)

.Beyblade Burst Evolution

.Beyblade Burst Evolution Ultimate Tournament Collection

This set is available exclusively at Toys R Us Canada. 

I already know my son will be challenging his friends and cousins with this new toy.

To learn more about Beyblade check out:

I’d love to know, do you have a Beyblade fan in your household? What does your Beyblade player like most about this toy?





  1. My grandson has a few Beyblades & has a blast challenging his friends, cousins, parents, & grandparents to play with him, they’re a blast!

  2. My son was asking for this set with black arena for Christmas but it was really hard to find. We have got a red one which is good too. Great toy.

  3. I am old enough to have missed this the first time around, and my son is too young this time. But we will see what happens as they are kind of cool

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