Why I Chose the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller #BumblerideAdventures

by Gen R

When my first child was only 11 months old, I discovered that I was pregnant.  Strollers were not the first thing on my mind, but it quickly became a topic of discussion in our household especially due to the fact that our kids would be so close in age.

I’m one of those moms who has a hard time staying home, so I knew I’d need an easy way to get out of the house with two very young kids in tow.  Enter: the double stroller search!

When I started looking for a double stroller, I found lots of good information. Actually, I found too much information!  It can be very overwhelming.  There are so many different kinds, so many different features, and after a while, I found I just had to stop doing research and process everything I had learned.

I looked for product reviews, product comparisons, I asked my friends for their suggestions.  It’s a tough decision, but in the end I’m very happy with my Bumbleride Indie Twin.


Here are some of the main things that stood out for me and how I came to making my decision to get the Bumbleride Indie Twin. Hopefully this can help you make some decisions about the stroller you want for your twins or young children.

It really comes down to lifestyle and deciding on the type that would suit your lifestyle.  Based on that you can narrow the types of strollers to focus your research on.


First, you need to think about your lifestyle – what you do with your kids and how your stroller of choice can help you maintain that kind of lifestyle.  For me, I wanted to be able to:

  • go for  long walks on pavement and on trails
  • potentially some runs
  • run errands
  • take the stroller with me on our travels outside our home town

Given my lifestyle, I had already eliminated some of the types of double strollers – umbrella-style and general all-purpose strollers wouldn’t work for me.

Walking with my Bumbleride Indie Twin

Comparing Inline Double Stroller and a Side-by-Side Double Stroller

Next, I explored the pros and cons of an inline stroller vs. a side-by-side.  Both my husband and I wondered about the differences of an inline double stroller (front and back seats) as opposed to a side-by-side double stroller.   Essentially I learned that it comes down to personal preference and what you want to do with your stroller.

Here are some of my findings:

Inline Double Stroller


  • Width of a single stroller, so you can fit through just about any doorway.


  • They’re sometimes harder to maneuvre because they’re so long.
  • For some, the seats are different, with one usually being a better seating option than the second.  Some people call it “seating inequality”.  I can just imagine the fights for the better seat when the kids are old enough to understand…

Side-by-Side Double Stroller


  • Maneuverability!  The good ones have great manoeuvrability.
  • Same seating – less fighting!


  • Not all of them would fit through a standard doorway.
  • They tend to take up more space – for example on sidewalks, at events, etc…

Given this, I decided to go with a side-by-side type because I didn’t think that running with an inline stroller would work all that well.  So for me, the inline stroller options were out.  There were still a couple things though that I needed to find in a side-by-side double stroller to be happy with my decision.

Type of Double Stroller

I then learned more about the types of double stroller options.  There are a few – umbrella (good for travel),  general all-purpose, true running double stroller and all-terrain.

I knew for my lifestyle that an umbrella and general all-purpose stroller was out.  So that was easy.  I was mostly considering a true running double stroller or an all-terrain type double stroller.

The true running double stroller and the all-terrain type double stroller were both appealing to me.  I did a bit more research on both and considered my current situation before I decided on the all-terrain.  I have a single running stroller, and I figure, like my friends had told me that if I go for runs, it’ll likely be mostly when I only have only one kid in tow, so I decided that one good single running stroller would do and I would go with an all-terrain.  So, the search continued for an all-terrain stroller.

What I like about an all-terrain type double stroller is that the wheels are nice and thick.  For some of the types of all-terrain strollers, you can lock the wheel in place if you are going for a bit of a job or a faster walk, and you can unlock when you’re running errands.  One of the big things I was looking for in an all-terrain double was easy access to the places I’d be visiting with it, so I wanted it to be as narrow as possible.

Bumbleride Indie Twin's Thick Wheels

Decisions, Decisions! 

It was tough, because there are lots of great products on the market, but I decided on the Bumbleride Indie Twin for a few reasons.  Here’s a list of what I wanted and what the Bumbleride Indie Twin offers:

  • Easy maneuvrability (plus the side-by-side gives me the option for runs if I so choose)
  • Thicker tires for trails and long walks
  • Big cargo basket for all my kid stuff and running errands
  • It has great large SPF canopies
  • It comes with a car seat adaptor and the backrests recline just about all the way so I was able to put my youngest in without the car seat quite early on
  • It fits through a standard door!!
  • I appreciate Bumbleride’s commitment to responsible design and customer service

Bumbleride Indie Twin review

Bumbleride Indie Twin Reclining Seat

To learn more about the Indie Twin check out the Bumbleride website.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more information about their products and learn about special offers.

I’d love to know, what feature is important to you when choosing a double stroller? 


  1. The carseatadaptor is one of my favourite features and I use it alot when doing quick errands. The only thing that s been bothering me with the bumbleride indie twin is the absense of reflectors when it s dark outside but I bought reflective tape and taped onto the stroller so that it s visible when it gets dark.

  2. Wow, really thorough review Gen, love the step by step decision process. Choosing a stroller can be such a tough thing to do. One question I have about this Indie is how well does it pack down/collapse for storage in your vehicle?

  3. I went through 3 or 4 double strollers (all second hand; super cheap or free) and I didn’t like any of them 🙁 I don’t think I’ll need a double for my next baby since there is 3.5 year gap between my last 2 babies (or there will be once this guy comes out in January). I hated how hard the inline was to manoeuvre and how awkward it was in stores. Then I had the side-by-sides and they were easier to push but the ones I had often didn’t fit through doors without a lot of awkwardness. I wish I had done more research back then!

  4. Thanks for the “donkey” work!! I will pass this info along to my son who will have 2 babies under 2 in new year! Yikes!!

  5. Thank you for your amazing review and how to choose a double stroller post Gen! Love all the great pictures and feature highlights. Thank you for including video too!

  6. Excellent review and stroller! I love the SPF Canopy and thicker tires for trails and long walks. My current stroller feels every bump and stone!

  7. This is such an amazing stroller. I wish tjhey had these when I had my kids. It would have been great as it is a side by side Mine was one behind the other

  8. I love the looks of this stroller, I love the wheels on it too, your not limited to just pavement!!

  9. I do like this double stroller, love the fact that you can alter which way the kids face 🙂

  10. I don’t jog so I like the in-line strollers like the City Select Versa. With the side-by-side, they sometimes don’t fit between parked cars when you’re loading/unloading the babies so you end up having to leave one behind/out-of-sight!

  11. It really is a great looking stroller, and the kids look quite comfy in it! Lots of awesome features too!

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