My Clean Teeth Confession #ColgateDailyRepair

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Colgate but as always, experiences and opinions are my own.

Lets talk about teeth.

Be honest, do you have good oral hygiene? Do you brush after every meal? Floss everyday? I do…. sometimes.

Colgate has had me thinking about my oral hygiene and it’s time for me to confess. My dental hygiene is not exactly where it should be.

Wondering where I slack off?

  • I don’t floss everyday (more like a couple times per week). This is something my dental hygienist notices during my visits.
  • I also don’t replace my toothbrush often enough (usually every six months when I visit the dentist!).
  • Some nights, I go to bed without brushing… 

This is not a good routine and I’m determined to change it.

I was recently sent some new products from Colgate to try out. I received new Colgate Total* Advanced Health* Daily Repair  Toothpaste and and a Colgate* Slim Soft™/MC Toothbrush.

I was very excited to start using these new products. My toothbrush needed to be replaced (surprise!) and I’m always up for trying new tasty toothpaste.

Brushing with Colgate Total* Advanced Health* Daily Repair  Toothpaste helps:

  • Fight cavities
  • Repair early teeth and gum damage
  •          -Remineralizes weakened enamel
  • Helps kill bacteria that causes gingivitis
  • Freshen breath
  • Whiten teeth
  • Prevent tartar
  • Reduce sensitivity with continued use

This new Colgate toothpaste tastes great too. I like how it foams up in my mouth when brushing. My teeth feel polished after using it.

Colgate Total toothpaste

The Colgate* Slim Soft™/MC Dual Action toothbrush is amazing. It’s better than any traditional toothbrush I’ve ever used. This toothbrush has Whitening Spiral Bristles that get into lots of tricky spaces. I really like the size of the brush and the flexible handle. I will be stocking up on this toothbrush (and replacing it before six months!).

colgate toothpaste and toothbrush review

I’m so happy with my new clean teeth regimen. I like knowing that Colgate Total* Advanced Health* Daily Repair Toothpaste is helping repair early damage I may have done to my teeth.

From now on I plan on using this Colgate toothpaste every night. I will also make an effort to floss more often. I’m sure that I will feel a difference in my teeth and I hope that my dental hygienist will notice the improvement during my next appointment.

The Colgate Total* Advanced Health* Daily Repair  Toothpaste and the Colgate* Slim Soft™/MC Dual Action Toothbrush are available in stores now. The toothpaste is available in two sizes, 85mL and 170mL. Both products are well priced and I highly recommend them.

For more information about these new Colgate products check out the Colgate Total website. You can also follow Colgate on Facebook and Twitter for up to date product information and more.

I’d love to know, do you have a clean teeth confession? When it comes to your teeth, what do you need to concentrate on most?



  1. Honestly I don’t brush everynight either, but my two favourite toothpastes are Colgate and Arm and Hammer, those are the only two that i will use!!

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