Lost Kitties Collectibles Review + Giveaway

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My children continue to be obsessed with blind bags and small collectibles.

They were so excited when they heard about Hasbro’s newest collectibles, Lost Kitties.

What are Lost Kitties

Lost Kitties are a collection of 36 cute and funny cats. These kitties come in a milk carton and are wrapped in shaping compound. They come with 2 accessories, a Meme sticker, and a collector’s sheet. 

There are eight categories of Lost kitties, series 1. These include #Nomz, #Workinit, #Adorbs, #Cathletic, #Cattitude, #Ififits, #Scaredycats and #Notfelineit.

Hasbro Lost Kitties Collectibles

What we Got

My kids received 4 Lost Kitties each. We were impressed that the kids did not get duplicates. The kids received some pretty cute kitties including Chucks, Francis and Memez.

After opening their Lost Kitties they challenged each other to build a shelter for their kitties with the included shaping compound.

Workinit Lost Kitties

Meme Stickers Lost Kitties


Lost Kitties are very fun collectibles. I like that they come in a milk carton and think the names of the kitties are quite funny.

My kids really loved opening their Lost Kitties, they have played with them often and have their Lost Kitties displayed on their toy shelf. I think Lost Kitties make fun gifts and great collectibles.

Lost Kitties are available in stores and online now. You can pick up single Lost Kitties on Amazon.ca for only $5.97. 

Lost Kitties Blind Box Multipacks retail for $26.99. These include 5 Lost Kitties figures: 4 from Series 1, and a sneak peek at a Series 2 kitties. Multipacks includes 10 accessories, 4 colors of shaping compound, and 5 meme stickers.

Lost Kitties Collectibles

To learn more about Lost Kitties Check out:

.Lost Kitties Blind Box. A fun collectible for all! #toys


Hasbro wants your kids to enjoy opening and collecting Lost Kitties! They are giving away 5 pieces of Lost Kitties to one of my lucky readers.

To enter, tell me what your kids would like most about Lost Kitties, then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway runs from Aug 27 – Sept 8, 2018. Giveaway open to Canadian residents only. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Void where prohibited. See my Terms & Conditions for full giveaway info.

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  1. Maddie,my 7 year old loves & collects everything kitty cats, as well as blind box toys,slime,putty,etc…. this is right up her alley!

  2. I loved collecting porcelain dog figures as a young girl and I know my daughter who just got a new kitten would love collecting kittens!!!

  3. my daughter just loves lost kitties! She is 5 and really into blind bag type toys. the added feature on these being they take her a little time to get into her surprise! She would love to find a rare or super rare kitty. it is her mission!

  4. Me: So what would you do with Lost Kitties?
    6 y/o: play with them what else would you do with a Lost Kitty?

    And there you have it!

  5. I didn’t know they came with a molding compound. I think my daughter would like that they come with accessories.

  6. My granddaughter loves to collect and she enjoys everything about cats so this would be sure to please her.

  7. They would love how small they are! both of my daughters especially my oldest have an obsession for small little figures like this…and my middle daughter has a cat obsession

  8. I know my lil guy would just love them because they are cats and also you can collect different ones.

  9. Removing them from the compound is like rescuing them and finding a lost kitty. Of course they are cute too

  10. They are so cute , my grandsons would absolutely love them especially where you can add to as a collection.

  11. Oh my, the accessories…the fish bones! Hilarious.

    My daughter likes opening the blind bags as well. She enjoys the surprise of what she will find. And she really likes collecting “things”.

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