Falling in Love with Crocs

Fall is here.

I can feel the changing temperature, see the leaves are falling and the sun setting earlier.

I’m so excited that my fall wardrobe includes a few pairs of Crocs!

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LiteRide Pacer Sneakers

These are my new go-to shoe. You’ll see me wearing them all around town and when I’m heading to yoga.

.Crocs LiteRide Sneakers

Crocs LiteRide Pacer shoes have foam insoles and are extremely lightweight. They are soft and flexible and feel broken in from the moment you put your feet inside. This shoe has Croslite™ foam outsoles and comes in 8 great colours.

.Crocs LiteRide Pacer Burgundy

I absolutely love my burgundy and white pair. I love how they are just a pop of colour.

Lina Wedge

This shoe is perfect when you want to dress up! The Crocs Lina Wedge is a simple shape that goes with so many outfits. It has a Microfiber-lined footbed, is lightweight and supportive.

.Crocs Lina Wedge

I don’t feel like I’m wearing “high heels” when I walk in these shoes. They are perfect for everyday wear!

.Lina Wedge Crocs

.Black Lina Wedge

Where to Buy

These Crocs shoes are available online and in all Crocs stores now. You’ll also find these styles on Amazon.


To learn more about Crocs and see all the styles they carry check out:

.Crocs LiteRide Pacer Sneaker

Tell me, did you know Crocs made sneakers and wedges? Which style would you most like to try? 

.Crocs Fall Must-Haves


  1. Wow, I had no idea that Crocs made wedges and sneakers now! I have had a pair of pink Disney Crocs for over ten years now and they are still like new and so comfy. I think I would want to give the sneakers a try first. It sounds like they have great support and super comfy on the feet. 🙂

  2. Wow! I didn’t know they now have shoes! I love my crock! I have problem with my feet and on’t need orthotic in my crock.

  3. They do look so comfy, I have a hard time finding shoes to fit my large clown feet, I think I will go and check out these and see what sizes they have, they sound comfy, and that is something I need!

  4. I have never owned a pair of Crocs so I had no idea that they also make sneakers and wedges. I would try the sneakers first ….. but I wonder if they make your feet hot?

  5. Definitely sneakers for me, love those ones that you’re wearing. I didn’t know that they made any other type of footwear besides the normal crocs.

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