DIY R2D2 Halloween costume for less than $25

This year my 3 year old little man wanted to be R2D2 for Halloween. We offered to buy him various super hero costumes however he was not interested and insisted on an R2D2 costume.

Finding an R2D2 costume is nearly impossible 10 days before Halloween, so I turned to Pinterest and Google for ideas. I thought it would be great if we could relive our childhood and go back to home-made costumes, and this is the result from my project.


Get 2 garbage pails, silver paint, a wine bottle with a red cap, and a set of Sharpies. This cost us less than $25.


This little red cap is the most important part of the project.


You’ll need a blue, black, and red Sharpie.


Cut out the bottom of the larger pail with a knife.


Mask off part of the larger pail and paint it along with the top of the 2nd pail.

diy r2d2


This is what you should have after the first few steps.


Grab your Sharpies and start drawing. Work with simple shapes and lines.


Drop in your little one to see how the prototype will look.


Place your R2D2 next to official Star Wars merchandise to see how it looks.


Add the red wine cap.


Attach the top lid to a bicycle helmet with velcro, and TADA!!!

DIY R2D2 costume

Did you make your child’s Halloween costume this year? What was it?

.R2D2 DIY Costume


  1. I am in awe! That is amazing! I am going to send this link to my grand daughter. When I first saw the picture I thought you bought it… and for a fortune!

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