Design and Glow with the DohVinci Spotlight Spin Studio #MBSGiftGuide

My daughter has tried her share of creative kits. She loves making just about anything. She’s tried sewing kits, beading kits and drawing kits. This year, she’ll be trying a DohVinci kit for the first time.

DohVinci is created by the makers of Play Doh but is softer and smoother than Play Doh. Each DohVinci kit comes with DECO POP tubes that are used in a Styler to decorate things like plates, vases and more.

We received the a DohVinci Spotlight Spin Studio.

This kit includes:

  •  one turntable plate
  • 5 projects
  • cardboard attachements
  • Styler
  • 6 DECO POP tubes
  • inspiration guide

doh vinci review


doh vinci review

Creating a project with the DohVinci Spotlight Spin Studio is very easy. Select and load a DECO POP tube in the Styler, select a project to complete and place it on the Spotlight Spin Studio. Turn the spinning machine on and apply the DohVinci DECO POP colour of your choice. You can choose to leave the project on the spinner to display if you wish.

 The DohVinci Spotlight Spin Studio looks very fun. Once you are happy with your project you can let it harden. This kit requires 3 AA batteries.

Great DohVinci kits for the holidays include the DohVinci Jewelry Tree Kit, the DohVinci Style & Store Vanity Design Kit and the DohVinci Vase Design Kit. DohVinci kits are very well priced and readily available. I’ve seen Doh Vinci kits in so many stores, including Costco! Refills of the DECO POP tubes are also available in stores.

I know my daughter will LOVE using her DohVinci kit. I’m sure she’ll love all the colours included in her set and know she will create cool frames, plates and more.

To learn more about DohVinci check out the Hasbro website. You can also download great FREE printables and play online games on the website!

I’d love to know, do your kids have DohVinci sets? What do they like about them?

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