Epicure 3-Day Reset Review

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t always pay attention to what I eat. I am often on the go and resort to quick meals. I don’t pay attention to the breakdown of my meals (am I getting enough protein? vegetables? grains?). That’s why I was really inspired to try the Epicure 3-Day Reset

The 3-Day Reset is a system designed to help you get back on track, control cravings and jumpstart weight loss. The 3-Day Reset is made of balanced meals with optimal protein at every meal. Each meal includes lots of veggies and whole grains that provide your body with antioxidants and fiber to help keep you full. There’s also NO snacking during the 3-Day Reset.
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It sounded perfect for me. Any program can be tolerated for 3 days, right?

The 3-Day Reset comes with:

  • Three samples of the Sweet Coconut Optimum Vegan Protein Blend
  • One Miso & Ginger Nourish Dressing
  • One Basil & Tomato Nourish Dressing
  • A recipe book to follow for 3 days (recipes include: Wake Up Awesome Smoothie, Miso Ginger Nourish Bowl and Italian Dinner Bowl)
  • A Shaker (current gift with purchase)

Epicure 3-Day reset

I got ready for my 3 days by going grocery shopping. I bought chicken breast, quinoa, greens and more. I was ready to start this program with a bang!

Day One


I woke up late (it was Sunday) so had my first smoothie at around 10am. I’ve had many smoothies in my days but not one with protein powder and oats. I was a little worried of what the texture would be like. I blended my first smoothie and gave it a go.

I really enjoyed it! I absolutely loved the faint coconut taste and didn’t even notice the oats. Breakfast done. That was easy.

Epicure 3-Day reset


I prepared chicken breast and quinoa for the next 3 days in one go. I also made both dressings.

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I wasn’t really hungry but ate lunch just before 1 pm. I made the chicken breasts in the Epicure Steamer (this kitchen tool is amazing) and prepped the quinoa over the stove.

My first Miso Ginger Nourish lunch bowl was really good. I really liked the dressing. To be honest, it was a big portion (and I measured everything very carefully). I couldn’t finish my entire bowl. I had left-over quinoa and a bit of chicken. Overall I was very satisfied with this lunch.

** One thing going through my mind: Am I going to get sick of eating chicken for 3 days?? Not sure how to answer that yet.


The recipe for dinner is very similar to lunch but it uses a different dressing and adds broccoli. I decided to stir fry my chicken and broccoli to eat this meal warm.

The new dressing (Basil & Tomato Nourish Dressing) is very tasty. I happily spread it over the entire dish.

The meal was quite a large portion again. I couldn’t finish all the quinoa and forced myself to eat all the chicken. Overall it was a good dinner but I think I will warm up everything tonight (even the quinoa).


I had a snack at around 8pm – 1/2 cup of raspberries and strawberries. It was yummy.

I didn’t feel hungry at all throughout the day. I did think of other foods but pushed these thoughts out of my mind. I can absolutely do this reset for 3 days.

Day Two


I wasn’t feeling super hungry when I woke up (great!). I waited about 30 minutes after waking up to make my smoothie. It was very tasty and I really enjoyed it.


I mixed the entire salad up today and it was gooooood. I am really enjoying the Miso & Ginger Nourish dressing (which is weird because I’m not a fan of ginger). Again, I found the portion quite large so I didn’t finish it all. But was very satisfied.

Epicure 3-Day reset


I stir fried the entire meals with the Basil & Tomato Nourish dressing. I really enjoy the quinoa warmed up and I found that everything tasted really good stir fried in the dressing.


I had a small bowl of berries again around 8pm.

Overall I felt a little hungry today but nothing to panic about (nope… I didn’t have to run to the pantry for an unhealthy snack).

Day Three

I’m so proud of myself!!! I’m on day three!!!


I am absolutely loving the morning smoothie. Honestly, it’s a highlight of my day. It tastes so good. I have to get the large tub of protein powder because I want to keep this healthy choice going.


It’s important to note that I have NOT felt hungry at all during the three mornings that I’ve been doing the reset. I honestly had my doubts that I would be starving by lunch if I was only drinking a smoothie. I’m a changed woman. Morning smoothies are the way to go (unless of course you’re going out for a delicious breakfast of eggs benny with friends). I’m honestly super sad that my protein powder samples are done.


My husband and I both had the Miso Ginger Nourish bowl for lunch. This is a great meal. Both my husband and I love the dressing.


My last official dinner on the 3-Day Reset. I’m super proud of myself! I heated it up again and enjoyed every bite.

Epicure 3-Day Reset dinner


Overall, the Epicure 3-Day Reset is totally do-able. Sure, it’s a lot of the same meal for 3 days but I could feel a significant change in my body by day 2 and that alone made it worth it.

My results were impressive! I lost 5.6lbs, a few inches of my tummy and an inch off my thighs. I haven’t seen results like that with anything else I’ve done before.

Epicure 3-Day Reset results

The recipes for the smoothie and the meals are easy to follow and make. It’s important to note that I was drinking a lot of water throughout this process too (8-10 cups per day).

I am not personally done with the reset. I plan on continuing having the Wake Up Awesome Smoothie every day. I am making a conscious choice to eat the Miso Ginger Nourish Bowl at least twice per week. I think these little changes will make a BIG impact on my health, weight and overall well-being.

Sure, I may be eating spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight but I think I’ve earned it. I’m very proud of the results and would recommend the 3-Day Reset to ANYONE!

Epicure recommends the Good Food, Real Results program once you’ve done the 3-Day Reset. This program includes many of Epicures top selling products that can help you continue eating right.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the 3-Day Reset and the Good Food, Real Results Program online or through an Epicure consultant.

To learn more about Epicure check out:


Disclosure: Epicure provided products for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I really really recommend the 3-Day Reset!

.Epicure 3-Day Reset review


  1. Amazing review! I will share with my clients, if you don’t mind. I’m an Epicure Consultant, and have been using the products for over 15 years. I’m just getting back into the Good Food Real Results plan now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I’m afraid that I’ve never tried anything like this, though I have heard that ginger is very good for you. You did extremely well with your 3 day reset, congratulations. 🙂

  3. I would like to try the pumpkin pie spices , the cheesecake mixes , actually I would love all the spices for my kitchen I love to bake and cook

  4. I’d love to try Epicure’s Coat & Cook Variety Pack (pkg of 3). Sounds easy and cooking should be easy.

  5. I would love to try the Cocoa Acai Smoothie Booster!! We love our smoothies and I think it would be a fun addition to them.

  6. There are some pretty great options available, but the Coat & Cook Variety Pack would be awesome so I can make Shake Then Bake Chicken!

  7. I would be excited to try the Basil and Tomato Nourish Dressing.These spices sound amazing and I would love to try some of the Epicure products!! 🙂

  8. The Miso & Ginger Nourish Dressing sounds amazing. I try and eat healthy and these products would be a great compliment.

    Besos Sarah

  9. I have been using Epicure since the beginning, always have some in my cupboards. I would really like to try the reset as well as the Pho broth. I have so many other things and they help keep my regular meals from always tasting the same! 🙂

  10. I just ordered a bunch of spices. And the mac and cheese 🙂 so excited for it to come in. And if I don’t win this I will definitely be bying the 3 day reset! Sounds amazing and definitely can commit to 3 days !

  11. Hubby and I just finished the 3 day reset as well. Even though I am super familiar with all the products, ok lets face it I have them all, I was still leery about just a smoothie for breakfast, well we loved it and are continuing with it. We had done smoothies before but always with a side of granola. My results were down almost 3 pounds in 3 days and about 1/2 an inch of the tummy. If I win the draw please do a redraw. I love and want the products but have easy access and want them to go to someone who isn’t a consultant

  12. I would love to try any of the dressings! We are usually very simple home made dressing people- vinegar oil and a few spices. But this would liven it up a bit I think 😉

    You should try their Mac and cheese (I add extra cheese) and lemon sansel! They’re delish.

  13. I love the 3 day reset to get me back on track especially after Holidays of travelling.
    I like to make all my lunches using the recipe and placing into mason jars for quick grab and go lunches

  14. I did this program after we returned from our family trip to Mexico in Jan. Great way to get your body back on track and feeling better! Tastes great, and easy to prepare and.. keeps you full too

  15. I would love the Good Food. Real Results.™ Collection FR. It could really help me reset my eating habits.

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