FlyOver Canada: The Virtual Flying Ride you Must Experience

My family recently went to Vancouver for a mini getaway. We stayed at a hotel downtown and wanted to do a few fun things with the kids within walking distance. On the top of our list was to experience FlyOver Canada at Canada Place.

flyover Canada, Vancouver BC

flyover Canada, Vancouver BC

FlyOver Canada is a virtual flight ride that is perfect for the entire family. The experience starts with a short movie called UpLift! followed by embarking on the Ultimate Flying Ride.

Flight guides bring you to your special seat, demonstrate how to tie your seatbelt and stand back for you to enjoy the movie. Once everyone is ready, your seats fly up and you are suspended in the sky. We loved that our feet were dangling and the special effects during the ride were great (we were surprised and thrilled to feel mist on us a few times).

FlyOver Canada Vancouver, BC

The ride lasts approximately 8 minutes and flies you across some of Canada from east to west. During the film, you will see the most beautiful scenery and cities.

Quick Facts about FlyOver Canada:

  • All passengers must be at least 102cm/40″ tall.
  • You can save 10% off your ticket price by buying them in advance online
  • FlyOver Canada has special Halloween and Christmas showings

My family absolutely loved our FlyOver Canada experience, it was one of the highlights of our weekend. I wish we were going back to Vancouver soon to see either the Halloween or Christmas show. I think these special showings would be so much fun!

FlyOver Canada is something I highly recommend doing when in Vancouver, BC.

To learn more about FlyOver Canada check out:

I’d love to know, have you experienced FlyOver Canada? What did you like about it?


  1. My husband and I were just talking about spending a few days in Vancouver with the kids. There are several things we want to do there with them that we haven’t because of the drive to get there (although we aren’t a ferry ride away…it’s only a couple hours drive for us). Fly Over Canada is definitely on our list!

  2. Wow,this must be so cool!!
    Living in a very small town we are lucky to have a comfy chair to watch a movie here

  3. Looks amazing!! I love going in the moving theaters they are so awesome and make it feel like the real thing!!

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