More Fun with the Globber Foldable Flow 125 Scooter

Living on the west coast of Canada, my kids have the opportunity to play outside all year. We BBQ in January, bike in February, and skateboard and scoot all year long.

Like any parent, I like to have my kids outside and off screens as much as possible. I was thrilled when Globber offered to send me a scooter for my son. I knew this would be perfect for my 9 year old and keep him outdoors a little bit longer.

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About Globber Scooters

Globber has a wide range of scooters for every age group and skill level. Globber scooters have features not found in other scooter brands. They are the first brand to create a patented steering lock button which helps young children learn to ride, and created the first foldable 3-wheel scooter on the market. Globber scooters are available in over 73 countries worldwide.

About the Flow Foldable 125 Scooter

We received the Flow Foldable 125 scooter in blue for my son. I could tell this was a quality product as soon as I took it out of the box. I assembled the scooter quickly and watched my son hop on immediately.

Globber Flow 125 scooter

This scooter:

  • > is easily foldable
  • > has two 125mm wheels
  • > has an adjustable t-bar, great for growing kids
  • > is designed for kids and teens
  • > has a wide and solid deck for your feet when scooting
  • > has a long, wide break
  • > can handle up to 100kg in weight

Flow 125 scooter

Globber scooter brake

Globber Foldable Flow 125 Scooter

I was very impressed by how this scooter handled. My son was carving down the road, could scoot through piles of leaves with no problem and even did a few jumps.

Globber Foldable Scooter

This scooter turns on a dime, glides very smoothly and is very quiet. 

It can be transported very easily by being folded down. 

The Flow 125 Foldable scooter comes in several colours.

Globber Scooter Flow 125


Trust me when I say we have gone through many bikes and scooters. Some products you regret buying right away. This is not the case with the Flow 125 Foldable scooter. This product is a quality product. It is solid, well made and well designed. 

My son rushes home from school every day just so he can hop onto his scooter. The neighbourhood kids have all taken turns riding his new scooter and have all loved how it maneuvers.

I’m really impressed with this scooter and highly recommend it.

Globber Scooter for kids and teens

The Flow 125 Foldable scooter is available online and in specialty bike stores. 

To learn more about Globber scooters check out:

I’d love to know, do your kids have a scooter? Where do they use it most often?

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  1. My grandkids have all loved their scooters but non were as good as these. One of my grandsons is now hoping that Santa will leave a trick scooter (whatever that is!) under the tree for him.

  2. My kids love their scooters. We currently have a Globber 3-in-1, a Micro Mini and a Razor (one for each kid). My son is hard on outdoor toys and managed to destroy a Micro Mini. I was fortunate to win a Globber 3-in-1 to replace it and I was super impressed with it. It’s really neat because it grows with the child and it’s very easy to change between configurations if kids of different ages are sharing it. When my twins outgrow their 3-wheel scooters, I will definitely be looking to get them Globber scooters.

    1. I’m so impressed with the quality of our Globber scooter too! My son had another scooter before this and the wheels were not nearly as smooth and maneuver anywhere close to this Globber scooter.

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