Twins are in the Forecast with Hatchimals Surprise #MFSGiftGuide

Last Christmas my children both begged me for a Hatchimals. All their friends talked about them non-stop at recess and were all adding them to their Christmas list.

Sadly, I wasn’t fast enough to jump on the bandwagon and by the time I started my Christmas shopping they were sold out everywhere.

This year, I’ve got a huge surprise for my kids – they’ll be receiving a Hatchimals Surprise to share on Christmas morning.

More about Hatchimals Surprise

  • Hatchimals twins are in each egg
  • You must care and love your egg for it to hatch
  • Each twin has their own personality
  • The twins will talk to each other and even say “I love you”
  • 2 AA batteries and 3 LR44 button cells batteries required (included)

Hatchimals Surprise review

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE that there are two Hatchimals inside one egg and that my kids will each get one to love and care for.

I also think it’s brilliant that the twins interact with each other and at times act like real siblings (they even bicker from time to time!).

Hatchimals Surprise review

Hatchimals Surprise review

Hatchimals twins will mature and change personalities. They will go through baby, toddler and kid stages. 

There are six different ‘species’ of Hatchimals Twins to collect.

These include:

  • Peacat
  • Giraven
  • Pupadde – exclusive to TRU
  • Zuffin – exclusive to Walmart
  • Ligull – Exclusive to target
  • Deeriole – Exclusive to target

Hatchimals Surprise boxes reveal the picture of the ‘species’ but the colour is a surprise until they hatch!

I think Hatchimals Surprise eggs make a great gift for siblings to share. I can already imagine that my children will play together with their Hatchimals and really enjoy watching them mature and grow up.

To learn more about Hatchimals Surprise check out:

Where to Buy

Hatchimals Surprise are available in stores now.

You can purchase a Giraven on via my affiliate link now. Hatchimals Suprise eggs are currently shipping for FREE on

I’d love to know, what type of animal do you think your child would like to hatch?

Disclosure: Spin Master provided a sample in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are always my own. 


  1. I agree with you. Siblings could easily share these twins once hatched! They’d have to take turns carrying for the egg. 😀

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