Happy Travels with Herschel Supply Co Backpacks

My husband and I recently traveled to Belize. This was our first true kid free holiday ever. We had a long way to go and knew we had to be well organized for the long plane rides.

I had always heard a lot about Herschel Supply Co backpacks and I thought that this was the perfect time to put them to the test.

Herschel Supply Co. sent me a classic backpack (in the most amazing Hawaiian Camo pattern) and my husband a Lennox backpack in black.

I could tell right away that Herschel backpacks were amazing quality. I noticed the thick material, the nice stitching and padded shoulder straps right away.

herschel supply co backpacks

Classic backpack

The Classic backpack is the most basic style of adult backpack that the Hershel Supply Co. carries. It’s a great size and a very simple design. I really like the large outside pocket on this bag. I also really like the sturdy zippers on this bag. These zippers will not get caught on anything and are very easy to open and close.

Herschel Supply Co backpack

Herschel Supply Co backpack

I was able to fit a lot in my backpack. I filled it with my iPad, book, toiletries, change of clothes, bathing suit and more. The bag never felt heavy or bulky.

The classic backpack is available in 19 colours and patterns. It’s a great everyday backpack.

Lennox backpack

My husband received the Lennox Backpack in black. This is the ultimate travel backpack. It has TONS of pockets, a laptop sleeve, large easy to use zippers and even a chest strap to secure the backpack in place.

We both couldn’t believe how well designed this backpack is. We found the perfect pocket (on the top of the bag) for our passports and loved the padding on the entire backpack.

Herschel Supply Co backpack

Herschel Supply Co backpack

The Lennox backpack comes in 13 colours and patterns.

Both the Classic and Lennox Herschel backpacks are superb quality. If you are traveling a long distance I would recommend investing in a Lennox backpack as it has so many great features. The Classic backpack is all you need for day to day use. Herschel Supply Co backpacks are timeless and worth the investment.

Now that I’m back home I look for any excuse to use my Herschel Supply Co classic backpack. Every time I use it I get compliments on it. I absolutely love using this backpack when I’m out and about.

The Herschel Supply Co has so many other great items to swoon about. I love their duffle bags, messenger bags and travel totes. They also have awesome kids backpacks. I’m so impressed and happy with our backpacks that I know I’ll be getting more Herschel Supply Co products in the future.

Herschel Supply Co bags are available in many stores but the best place to buy them has got to be their website. The selection online is amazing.

To learn more about the Hershel Supply Co. check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I’d love to know, what Herschel Supply Co. backpack would you love the most?


  1. I love these backpacks, they are such good quality and they look really nice too. Very stylish.

  2. I would probably go with the Lennox backpack. I like that it has a bunch of zippers and that I can organize and store a lot of things. Helps when I travel with my kid.

  3. Oh boy! You posted at the best time. Our travel backpack is about to bite the dust and we’ve been wondering what the best replacement would be. I think Hershel is the answer! I love the tropical floral!!

  4. I like a backpack with a lot of padding on the straps. Shoulders can get so sore with string backpacks or even classsic backpacks that don’t have good padding. These look comfy!

  5. We never travel without a backpack. There are just too many things I need to carry and I hate having a purse on my shoulder. I always go for a pack with lots of small pockets. That way I dont lose my lip balm, keys and other small items.

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