Track your Runs with the TomTom Runner Cardio Watch

Summer is finally here and it’s time to get in shape.

A few years ago I gave running a good try and found it to be a very difficult sport for me. I just don’t have the stamina or motivation to stay on track.

It’s time to give this running thing another try, and sometimes we just need a new gadget to get started again. My husband and I recently each received a TomTom Runner Cardio watch, so I’m go to kick start my cardio and get my heart pumping again.

About the TomTom Runner Cardio Watch

The TomTom runner cardio watch is pretty cool looking. It’s got a big square face with big numbers that display the time and date. The cardio watch has three functions: Run, Treadmill or Stopwatch. The watch measures your distance, time, pace, speed, calories burnt and heart rate, and registers your performance in real time, and via a complimentary mobile app.

You need to charge your watch before using it for the first time. The TomTom watch charges quickly with the USB provided plugged into a computer.

The watch is extremely easy to use. Simply click the button to the right, select the mode you want and get going. To see real time stats while running click the watch button down. I like switching from calories burnt to pace when I’m running.

My TomTom watch is very comfortable and doesn’t move around on my wrist, even when running. Perhaps the coolest feature is that the watch sends your running stats to your phone.

This watch is water resistant and has a backlight when running at night. There are many accessories available for all TomTom watches. My husband and I received a variety of straps in fun colours. It’s easy to switch straps and get a new look for your watch.

How I’ve Used the Watch

I haven’t gone out running as much as I planned in the last month. I’ve used the watch for light run/walks, and long hikes. Regardless of my speed, the watch is a great way to keep me motivated with real time results and accurate heart and calorie count.

My goal is to get out on a few longer runs this month and really seeing the difference in calories burnt. I look forward to tracking my progress.

TomTom Runner Cardio Watch review

How my Husband has Used his Watch

The watch is quite fashionable, so he wears the watch full time and for all fitness activities. The large dashboard offers a minimalistic clock with simple alarm that wakes you up with a gentle vibration. He uses his TomTom watch both indoors and outdoors. The heart rate and calorie measures both cardio and his full range of fitness training.

TomTom Runner Cardio Watch review

His goal is to wear his watch over the summer and track his fitness goals over the next 6 months. The watch is a great daily reminder for him to get active. And when he’s not at the gym, he enjoys swapping the colour wrist bands to match his outfits for work and play.

Stay Active and Get Unplugged

There are plenty of fitness watches on the market, and each one will have its pros and cons. For me this watch is a great reminder to get fit or stay active. I love the fact that I can put on the watch and head out without my phone. It’s a nice way to go for a run or jog, and get unplugged, yet the watch is clever enough to sync up the stats when I need view and compare my performance.

TomTom Cardio Watch review

More TomTom products

TomTom has a large variety of watches. The TomTom Spark is a sleek looking watch with many different add-ons. My favourite version of the watch is the TomTom Spark Music watch. It has space for up to 500 songs.

The new TomTom Golfer is a must have for any golfer. This watch allows you to know every inch of the course you are playing. With this watch you can review how far you’ve hit the ball, and analyze your game with it’s post-game analysis.

All TomTom watches are well priced, the TomTom Runner Cardio retails for $249 CAD. All watch styles are available on the TomTom website. They ship for free and have a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you need motivation to run (or walk, bike and swim) and like tracking your progress, this is the watch for you. I really love my TomTom Cardio watch. It will help me push myself to be more active this summer. I highly recommend this watch if you are a runner. It’s well priced, sleek looking and works great.

To learn more about TomTom watches check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook.

I’d love to know, what would you like most about the TomTom watch?


  1. These are an awesome idea to keep track of how much exercise and activity you get in a day, everybody should have one

  2. Wow this is a really neat product that I hadn’t heard of yet. Glad you shared it, going to look into it and see if the TomTom Runner Cardio Watch will be a good fit to help guide me towards a healthier lifestyle!

  3. I like the look of it and the fun colors. Also the idea that it wakes you up with a small vibration.

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