Dive into Festive Fun: A Holiday Game Round-Up for Every Player

I love gifting games during the holidays.  Games can bring joy, and transform festive gatherings into lively, laughter-filled experiences that resonate with friends and family for years to come.

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There are so many new games to choose from this year! I’ve rounded up my favourite games that I feel are perfect for gifting this holiday season, ranging from timeless classics to innovative originals.

Hasbro Games

Monopoly Chance

Monopoly Chance takes the timeless thrill of Monopoly to a whole new level, offering an exhilarating and fast-paced gaming experience. Designed for players aged 8 and above, this edition brings a fresh twist to the classic game by challenging participants to complete it in just 20 minutes.

With an innovative card system and quick gameplay, players will strategically navigate the board, buying, trading, and seizing opportunities in a race against time. This game is perfect for a shorter yet action-packed version of the iconic Monopoly.


Clue, a classic mystery-solving adventure, is an engaging and suspenseful experience for 2 to 6 players, making it an ideal family game for kids aged 8 and up. Set in the mysterious Tudor Mansion, players take on the roles of iconic characters like Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard to solve the murder mystery. With a combination of deductive reasoning and strategic thinking, players gather clues and eliminate suspects, weapons, and locations to unveil the culprit. The game’s timeless appeal, interactive gameplay, and ever-changing outcomes make Clue a must-have for game nights, fostering critical thinking and friendly competition among players.

Clue Conspiracy

Clue Conspiracy adds a thrilling twist to the classic mystery-solving experience, offering secret role gameplay for 4 to 10 players. Set in the world of international intrigue, players take on unique roles with hidden agendas, adding an extra layer of complexity to the investigation. As detectives work to solve the mysterious murder, they must navigate the web of deception and uncover both the killer and the traitors among them. With strategic alliances, unexpected betrayals, and a race against time, Clue Conspiracy provides an immersive and suspenseful gaming experience for those seeking an intriguing spin on the beloved Clue series.

Mattel Games

Uno Quatro

Uno Quatro is an exciting twist on the classic Uno card game, offering a fast-paced and dynamic experience for players of all ages. In this version, the game continues to have players match colours or numbers with the goal being to get 4 tiles in a row. Players can swap the position of trays, push tiles down to drop out, and force other players to discard tiles. This is a fun strategy game for your next family game night!

Asmodee Games

My First Carcassone

My First Carcassonne is tailored for ages 4 and up. This charming edition introduces the iconic Carcassonne gameplay in a simplified and visually engaging format. With its large, sturdy tiles and kid-friendly illustrations, children can easily grasp the concept of building landscapes and placing their colorful followers to claim features like cities and roads. The game encourages creativity and strategic thinking, making it an excellent choice for introducing the joys of board gaming to the next generation.


Champions is a captivating and immersive board game that invites players to step into the fantastical realm of gladiatorial combat. Suitable for ages 14 and up, this strategic game pits players against each other as they command powerful champions, each with unique abilities, in a bid for victory. The game’s modular board design and dynamic gameplay mechanics ensure every session is a fresh and engaging experience. With high-quality components and a rich fantasy theme, Champions offers a visually stunning and tactically rewarding gaming adventure for enthusiasts seeking a blend of strategy and excitement.

Dixit Disney Edition

Dixit Disney Edition, an enchanting adaptation of the popular Dixit game, brings the magic of Disney storytelling to the tabletop. Featuring stunning artwork and beloved Disney characters, this game is perfect for players aged 8 and up who are ready for a journey into the world of imagination. Players use beautifully illustrated cards to craft creative and abstract clues, challenging others to guess the storyteller’s card. The game’s blend of artistic expression and deductive reasoning, combined with the beloved Disney theme, ensures a delightful and engaging experience for players of all ages.

Board games make fantastic holiday gifts. The games highlighted here offer a perfect blend of strategy, social interaction, and fun, making them excellent choices to bring joy and bonding during festive gatherings.

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Tell me, which of the above games would you most like to play this holiday season?




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