Spring Cleaning Time! Steam Clean with the Dupray ONE

I LOVE CLEANING.  Some people consider that strange, others totally get it.  I sleep better at night if I know my house is clean and still, given this, I never considered buying a steam cleaner for home use. Have you?

It occurred to me while using my Dupray ONE steam cleaner all over my house, that in order for me to give you an honest review of the Dupray ONE steam cleaner, I would need to share with you just how dirty my house was.  I guess the silver lining here is that it WAS dirty.  After using the Dupray ONE steam cleaner for the past 3 weeks, I’m happy to say that the cleanliness of my house has improved in spades!

So here goes.  I have two young kids and a cat (some people would add a husband/wife to this list of messy, dirty housemates).  I’ve been meaning to “deep clean” for a while now, I’m also going back to work from my second maternity leave and it’s spring-cleaning time, so I couldn’t think of a better time to bust out the steam cleaner to disinfect, sanitize and deep clean my house chemical-free.  Here’s a quick lowdown of how the Dupray ONE steam cleaner works:

  • it uses hot steam (303 degrees to be exact) to disinfect and sanitize just about any surface
  • you fill it with tap water and turn on the machine and wait for it to tell you that it’s ready to go (pretty easy and only takes a few minutes!)
  • the controls and accessories are easy to use and there’s a child proof safety lock for people out there cleaning with young kids that like to get their paws on just about everything you happen to leave out (like me)
  • it’s not heavy, it’s not big, and it has a really long power cord (bonus x3!)

I used the Dupray ONE steam cleaner in just about every imaginable way so I could comment on its usefulness and effectiveness for many different uses around the house.  From bathrooms, to window sills, to windows, to mirrors, to my stove, furniture, carpet, flooring… I’ve almost tried it all, but there are still a few uses I want to try when I find a little extra time…  Here are all the different pieces and attachments that come with the Dupray ONE steam cleaner:


Check out the Dupray website for more details about the Dupray ONE steam cleaner and all it’s uses. I especially like all the videos – I used them as instructional videos for how to use the steam cleaner. You’ll be shocked and if you’re a cleaner like me, you’ll be super excited.

No More Chemicals!

I must admit, I’m a lover and a user of bleach.  I’ve been using bleach in a variety of ways to clean my house for the past few years now.  There’s something about knowing that the germs are gone and you’re left with clean surfaces, bath tubs, toilets, etc. I’ve been feeling guilty about using bleach for environmental reasons and the fact that I know how terrible it is for my family’s health.

The fact that I can disinfect and sanitize my house without using any kind of chemical makes me immensely happy.  If I feel terrible after using bleach I can only imagine how my little girls feel when they’re just around the corner after I’ve finished bleaching their bathroom clean.  No more chemicals here.

Dupray ONE steam cleaner cleans with no chemicals

My Favourite Uses

Here are a few of my favourite uses.


The first thing I cleaned when I got the Dupray ONE steam cleaner was my couch.  Why our couch?  High usage, spills, guest seating, etc… I steam cleaned my entire couch in a matter of minutes. It felt amazing. I will likely regularly steam clean it as it doesn’t leave your furniture soaking wet so you don’t need to wait hours before sitting on your furniture again.  Also it’s so easy to do and so quiet to use – I can do it when my kids are down for a nap and by the time they’re up, the couch is nice and clean.

Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner


I’ve been trying to get out a baked-on stain from under my stove top for as long as I can remember.  My stove top lifts up so you can easily clean spills, but for some reason this doesn’t make me or my husband more likely to clean spills any sooner and before you know it, the spills have been hiding for a while and that much harder to clean.  The Dupray ONE steam cleaner helped me get the stain out and more. None of my past efforts have worked.

Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

Window Sills

I don’t know if it’s the way my windows are made or if I’m just really terrible at keeping them clean, but my window sills get so dirty and gunky and I’ve cleaned them several times in the past using a cloth and bleach, (this is the one place I unapologetically use bleach because of the toxicity of mould) but I still can’t get them quite as clean as I’d like.  The corners are really hard to truly get clean and you can only get so much out with a cloth anyway.

The Dupray ONE steam cleaner was amazing – it got out mildew and dirt in places I didn’t even know there was mildew and dirt.  It was incredible.  When I thought the sill was clean, more would come out.  I finally felt like my window sills were properly cleaned which made me feel better about the air my family is breathing.

Dupray ONE steam cleaner

Dupray ONE steam cleaner


I can’t say I’m an expert at stain removal (yet) using the Dupray ONE steam cleaner but I did love how it improved this one stain on my stairs that has been bugging me for a long time. I don’t even know what the stain is or how it got there but again, stairs are a very high traffic area in my house. You can see from the bottom of the photo that the Dupray ONE steam cleaner lifts the stain from my carpet and sends it flying onto my cloth!  It’s like magic, really.  It worked really well and the stain is no longer noticeable.

Dupray One Steam Cleaner

I’d say my top 5 reasons for loving my Dupray ONE steam cleaner so much are:

  1. no chemicals
  2. quiet
  3. easy to use and the steam cleaner itself is light
  4. quick to use (in most cases)
  5. so many different uses

Possibly one of the best things about having a steam cleaner is that I can continue deep cleaning using my steam cleaner whenever I please – no renting machines, no borrowing from a friend, and no using harsh chemicals for lesser results than what the Dupray ONE steam cleaner can do.

The Dupray ONE steam cleaner retails for $699 CAD. It comes with a detachable steam hose and a 16 piece accessory kit.

Share the Clean!

We’re GIVING AWAY a Dupray ONE steam cleaner to one of our lucky readers.  Here’s how you can get your name in the hat.  Leave a comment telling us what is the first thing you would steam clean in your home and why.

Giveaway open to Canadian residents, excluding Quebec. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Enter everyday! Void where prohibited. See my full terms & conditions for full giveaway rules. Giveaway runs from March 31 – April 21, 2016. Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48hrs to claim their prize.

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  1. I would most definately clean my windows I have a mould issue as well and the bleach can be a little strong.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. I would definitely use it on the stove and range hood to get all the greasy stuff that is so difficult to remove.

  3. I would probably steam clean our couch first. We vacuum it and wash the cushion covers, but there’s so much of it that could use a better clean.

  4. my apartment window sills that havent been able to come clean in years!! Theyre disgusting and i can’t stand them

  5. What a cool tool! Well, I’m trying to win this for mom, and when I asked her the question and showed her your example pictures, as soon as she saw the window sill ones she said, “That’s exactly what my sills are like! Did I write this?!” So yeah, cleaning window sills is our answer. 🙂

  6. Every time when I enter the contest it has reset my entries to 13…after I enter it’s 16 entries…and this happens every single day….please fix this

  7. The first thing I would clean is our window sill! It’s so dirty that I’ve just put barriers around the ledge like boxes, etc so the baby doesn’t crawl towards it and touch the dirt! I really need to get on cleaning it but a wipe down doesn’t seem to really clean much.

  8. The mattresses first!! I have no carpet, thankfully, but I would probably go a little crazy and steam EVERYTHING!!!

  9. I desperately need to clean the fabric seats in my van and car! With two kids and all their snacks, plus a big hairy dog that sheds and loves to roll in the mud in the dog park, I could really use the steamer!!! I am embarrassed to give anyone a ride in my vehicle at the moment.

  10. I love that it gets window sills so clean! I would for sure do that. They get so much moisture and create unfavorable mold. So gross!

  11. Definitely my couch, so many spills. Microfiber, have yet to find a trick to getting it cleaned really well.

  12. Oh my gosh! I think the very FIRST thing I would clean is the carpet. Great post! I didn’t know you could use a steam cleaner to clean windowsills!

  13. 3 cats, and lots of mud in the yard. I would use first on the carpets, then couch, it would be very handy to have. Thank you

  14. Carpets first, then windows..Love all the attachments, this machine would be heavenly. Great review, lots of great info and this giveaway is awesome. I am feeling a little spring fever and have been on a bit of a cleaning spree. Love fresh and clean.

  15. I would definitely without a doubt first use the Dupray ONE steam cleaner to also clean my window sills. I agree with you that they are impossible to get 100% clean and sterile. This would be amazing to own! Thank you for a wonderful review and giveaway! Good luck all!

  16. I would clean all around the bottom of my toilet and behind, then the window sills, yuck boy do they get dirty!!!

  17. I’m going to clean the heck out of my sons’ toilet! Man, it’s a nasty job and I feel like I never am getting all those cracks and crevices very well.

  18. I think i would find many uses for this cleaner. But first i would do my couch —then my carpet in the bedroom as i have a dog that sleeps at the end of the bed. Thanks for the chance!!!

  19. I would steam clean my windowsills. They really need it and I have such a hard time getting into the cracks and crevices.

  20. I would definitely steam clean the floors in my entire first floor first! With three little kids, a dog and a bird my main living space needs a good cleaning!

  21. I don’t even know where I would start, the carpet, the tiles, oh I would love to use it on the ferret cage

  22. I have a lot of places to use this, but I love the idea of the fridge! Lots of spills and unseen germs in there I’m sure!

  23. I think I would start with the kitchen floor. It gets so many grimy things spilled on it, and I would truly enjoy having it sparkling clean.

  24. The the first thing I would steam clean with the Dupray ONE steam cleaner is my window sills!

  25. My window sills. They look just like the ones in your “before” pics. I didn’t know you could use a steam cleaner for that!!

  26. The first thing I would clean would be the floor along all the baseboards. No matter how much I wash the floors with my mop they do not get that area as clean as I would like it. I used to clean that area on hands and knees with a scrub brush but can no longer do that.

  27. Not sure where to start the couch, the rugs or the yucky bathroom but it doesn’t matter because if I had one I wouldn’t stop until it was all cleaned

  28. The first thing I would steam clean is my carpets, and then my furniture! They really are in need of a steam cleaning.

  29. The first thing I would clean is the carpet at the back door because I never seem to be able to get it clean enough using any other method!

  30. I would start with the tile & grout, both in the shower/tubs, then the floors – kitchen & bathroom. Especially the kitchen, Dad if you can hear me – who in their right mind puts in a TEXTURED white tile floor in a kitchen – when mum was known for spilling ALL OVER. Then, I’d go for the windowsills !! And eventually the whole house !!

  31. so hard to choose.. I guess first would be the couches… stair carpets… window sills… I would probably have to take a day or two off work! heehee

  32. The first thing I’d clean are my window sills! I have two cats so there won’t be a shortage of things to clean either!

  33. I would clean my papysan chair cushion, but what’s got me sold are your window sills. WOW, that made a huge difference.

  34. I would steam clean my sofa. It is desperate need of a good cleaning since I have kids and a cat

  35. I have 4 children, and a 120lb dog.. there isn’t one thing in my house that steam cleaner would be used on lol, starting with my couch. Thank you for the giveaway!

  36. My wife and I would use the DUPRAY ONE steam cleaner to do apart from other stuff… our Hard wood floors and the carpet and seats in our car..
    Wish me luck

  37. My worst cleaning problem is my floors as I am a pet sitter and have puppies of my own. I don’t want to use chemicals in my home for cleaning as I have breathing problems.

  38. First thing I would steam would be the couch.. it could use a freshening up and would be nice to know that it’s good and clean

  39. I would clean my couch first too! We rent a steam cleaner every so often for this purpose, I’d love to own one!

  40. I would definitely clean all the window frames in our house, hasn’t been done in a long time.

  41. after reading your post and seeing the pic I would use it to clean the patio door bottom sill as well (is that what it is called?)

  42. I would LOVE using this throughout our whole house, starting with the curtains!! Then the window sills, then the mattresses, everything in the bathrooms, then the stove… Sounds like a dream cleaner!!

  43. The first thing I’d steam clean with the Dupray ONE steam cleaner would be my bathroom floor because of all the germs and dirt

  44. The first thing I would clean would be my carpet, and then the entire house would follow. We’ve been in hospital for 6 months with our preemie, so when we are discharged, a clean home is extremely important, given he will be immune compromised.

  45. I would steam clean all my window tracks!!! They drive me crazy. This looks like an amazing give away.

  46. I would steam clean the floors and couches in the trailer. I would do my ceramics as well in my house.

  47. I would start in the bedroom – the bed, carpet and floor. This would be good in our household with pets around.

  48. Kitchen floors! Hubby and I were at the Home & Garden Show today and we’re so close to purchasing a machine like this. Such a great clean this type of appliance does!

  49. I would definitely tackle the windows first as I am really impressed with your before and after shots. So many wonderful uses, I have a feeling that once you get started steaming and cleaning with this amazing machine, it is really hard to stop. Thanks for this chance!

  50. I would love to clean is the hardwood floors! Having a dog running in and out all the time I can’t keep my floors clean at all

  51. I would finally be able to clean our gross moldy carpet…thank you so very much for the opportunity!

  52. The first thing I’d clean is my oven! I cannot remember the last time I have cleaned it and it looks AWFUL!!

  53. I would clean all of our mattresses and bedroom curtains with
    the Dupray ONE steam cleaner.I love that it’s so multi-functional.
    It would be perfect for all my spring cleaning or should I say deep
    cleaning!! 🙂

  54. my carpets in my bedroom for sure, i have coffee stains on parts of it and there impossible to get out. even with stain remover

  55. I would steam clean all our mattresses, it’s a job that’s long overdue & is a major part of spring cleaning for us! Such a nice clean feeling afterward!

  56. The first thing I would steam clean with the Dupray ONE steam cleaner would be all my window sills. No matter how hard I try to do this it is impossible to get all the accumulated dirt out so this steam cleaner would be awesome to use!!

  57. The first thing I would steam would be my carpeted stairs, then the curtains, the couch, the arm chair…the……list goes on and on….

  58. I’d clean my drapes first then couches then the carpet. I always clean from higher to lower levels.

  59. The first thing I’d steam clean would be my car seat – it has a water stain on it that I can’t get out.

  60. I would use the Dupray One steam cleaner on all of the places on our carpets that the cats had hairball accidents. A brilliant solution!

  61. I would first do the couch. It is in rough shape with everything the kids and dog put it through!

  62. Oh I was Soooo excited to see this giveaway !! I would have so much fun with it the windows would be steaming up 🙂 Hard choice, but the first thing I would steam clean with the Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner would be our mattress. I have emphysema ( I’m a non smoker ) and my husband has allergies so this would be a Dream Machine. THANK YOU for this Fantastic giveaway !!

  63. I would clean my BBQ. I know someone who has a steam cleaner and they used it to clean their bbq, it looked amazing when they were done.

  64. Would love to win this… lots of uses in our house – if this can clean out the window sills as per the photos that would be great!

  65. The first thing i would steam clean with the Dupray ONE steam cleaner is my windows they are so dirty after winter with salt spray and pine needles

  66. I would clean my couch. It has spill stain, drool and sweat stains from when the kids fall asleep on it. And on the arms the dirt from hands (over time) has left stains.

  67. I would start in my bathroom, if it works in there and can remove all the gunk and icky stuff I don’t like, the rest of the house will be a breeze, this is such an awesome giveaway, thank you so much!!!

  68. I would use it on the glass shower doors to see if it could get rid of all that tough soap scum build up.

  69. The first thing I’d clean is the hardwood floors! With all my little ones running around, the floors get messy pretty fast!

  70. The first thing I would clean is all the windows in my house. I can never seam to get them clean. Then work on the rest of the house. Thank you for the giveaway!

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