NEW Super leaves by ATTITUDE + Giveaway

You may have noticed that I am a big supporter of the ATTITUDE brand.

ATTITUDE is a Canadian company that makes personal care products and household products with worry-free ingredients. They have many great natural products that I trust every day and use in my household.

This spring, ATTITUDE has released a new line of products – Super leavesTM. This new line uses super leaves extracts in all their new products.

Products in the line use: 

  • watercress
  • Indian cress leaves
  • lemon leaves
  • olive leaves
  • white tea leaves 
  • orange leaves

ATTITUDE Super leaves

Leaves are rich in minerals, vitamins and growth factors. Ingredients in the Super leavesTM  line will effectively strengthen and condition hair from root to tip and leave skin soft and glowing.

Bath & Body

There are 4 new Shampoos and 4 new Conditioners available in the Super leavesTM line. These come in four formulas – Moisture Rich, Volume & Shine, Clarifying and Nourishing & Strengthening. 

ATTITUDE Super leaves

There are also 2 new Shampoos in the men’s line: the 2-in-1 Scalp Care and the 2-in-1 Sport.

ATTITUDE Super leaves

Refer to this chart to select the best Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair type.

Super leavesTM shampoo and Conditioner chart

All shampoos and conditioners in the Super leavesTM line are suitable for children and colour-treated hair. 

Shower Gels

The Regenerative shower gel contains lemon leaves extracts and has a lovely Earl Grey tea and fresh cucumber scent.

The Nourishing shower gel contains olive leaf extract and has a pear and ginger scent.

The Soothing shower gel contains white tea leaf extract and has a guava and berries scent.

The Energizing shower gel contains orange leaf extract and has an orange and cardamom scent.

For men, the the 2-in-1 Scalp Care and the 2-in-1 Sport can be used as Shampoo and shower gel.

Body Cream

The five new body creams use some of the same ingredients as the shower gels. You’ll find a regenerative body cream, a nourishing body cream, a soothing body cream and an energizing body cream. For men, there is an energizing body cream.

Hand Soap

Perhaps the product I am most excited about are the new hand soaps. I always pride myself on having lovely hand soap in my main bathroom for guests to use. I find that everyone washes their hands longer and better when they use a good quality hand soap.

There are 4 hand soaps to choose from: White Tea Leaves, Orange Leaves, Lemon Leaves and Olive Leaves.

ATTITUDE Super leaves

I have placed the Lemon Leaves soap in my bathroom and have had nothing but compliments and comments about it. Everyone loves the scent and are always impressed by the ingredient list (yes! I share this information with my friends!)

Where to Buy

I truly love what ATTITUDE has done with their new Super leavesTM line.  Canadians are more attentive now than ever to what products we use on our bodies and in our homes. I like knowing that these new products are safe for everyone in my household.

You can purchase all products from the Super leavesTM line at London Drugs stores now on the west coast. You can also stock up online at


The team at ATTITUDE want one of my readers to enjoy some products from the new Super leavesTM line. They are giving away a prize pack filled with fabulous Super leavesTM products to one of my lucky readers.

ATTITUDE Super leaves

To enter, check out the Super leavesTM microsite and tell me in the comments below which products you are most looking forward to trying and why. Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway open to Canadian residents. Giveaway runs from May 24 – June 7 , 2017. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. See my Terms & Conditions for full giveaway info. Void where prohibited.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: ATTITUDE provided products to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are always my own and I really love the new Super leavesTM line.


  1. I’ve never heard of this line of products but from your review it sounds like they are really good products

  2. There’s something special about a scent that is bright & wakes up the senses, which is why I’d love to try the Lemon Leaves hand soap

  3. Would love to try any of the shower gels!! I’m an addict and love trying new products. The fact that they are made from natural products is very appealing! Thanks for the chance!!

  4. Probably the hand soap. I just bought more hand soap for our family and was disappointed by the lack of “natural” options available at the store I was in. So disappointed with major grocery and drug stores… I hate having to go to another store just to get certain products, but I’m also getting pickier about what personal care products we use. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to look for ATTITUDE next time I’m shopping.

  5. I’m looking for a good shampoo that clarifies but doesn’t strip my hair, so I’d love to try the the Clarifying shampoo.

  6. I am most interested in trying the Energizing shower gel. I think this would be perfect for the summer!

  7. I’d like to try the soothing shower gel and the nourishing & strengthening shampoo and conditioner.

  8. I would love to try their Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner for dull and occasionally oily hair. I think I would love the Earl Grey Tea and cucumber scent. Thank you for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  9. I man most excited to try the white tea leaves hand soap. We go through a lot of hand soap in my home!

  10. It would be so exciting to win the Super Leaves
    Attitude giveaway! I am most excited to try the
    ATTITUDE’s Super leaves Volume & Shine Shampoo.
    It sounds like a lot of love and TLC for my air!

  11. I am most interested in trying the Orange Leaves Natural Hand Soap. Thanks for the chance!

  12. I’d love to try the 100% Mineral Sunscreen, and the shampoos! Moisture rich for myself, and 2 in 1 Scalp Care for my spouse.

  13. I’m most interested in trying the shampoo & conditioner, but all the products sound amazing!

  14. I would like to try the Orange Leaves hand soap. We go through hand soap like there is no tomorrow in my house.

  15. I’d like to try their conditioners in the following formulas: Moisture Rich, Volume & Shine, as well as Nourishing & Strengthening.

  16. The Regenerative shower gel looks interesting, I’m always looking for something new for my very sensitive skin.

  17. I am excited to try ATTITUDE Super Leaves Hand Soap, Shower Gels, Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo and Moisture Rich Conditioner. I appreciate the natural, vegan ingredients. I agree, my little one washes her hands longer with a pleasant scent. I will definitely source these out at London Drugs. I can’t wait to experience the Regenerative shower gel with an Earl Grey tea and fresh cucumber scent. The Energizing shower gel with an orange and cardamom scent might be my new favorite! I am eager to try their Natural Laundry detergent as well.

  18. I’m really interested in trying the Volume & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner! Since having my daughter my hair has thinned out significantly… and always looking for something that will make it at least look fuller again.

  19. I use a variety of Attitude products already – there aren’t really any that I haven’t tried! My fave is the Citrus Zest Shower Cleaner.

  20. The Energizing shower gel would be the first product I would love to try, followed by the lemon leaves soap. Thank you!

  21. I’m most interested in the White Tea Leaves Hand Soap. My current hand soap seems to be giving me hangnails like crazy!

  22. Would love to try the Energizing shower gel, sounds like a nice scent. All the products sound great!

  23. It would be great to
    win an ATTITUDE Super Leaves prize pack.
    In response to your question of
    Which ATTITUDE Super Leaves product
    are you most interested in trying?
    I want to try the Moisture Rich Shampoo
    for Dry and damaged hair
    because it looks like a great product.
    Thank you for having this contest.

  24. I love that the products are all natural and Canadian. Superleaves sound very interesting and I would love to try it out. Attitude is one of my favourite companies and I love their approach to products.

  25. I would love to try the moisture rich shampoo and conditioners for myself and the Scalp Care for my hubby.

  26. I have to be truthful that I have not heard of these products before but I would love to try the hand soaps. Thanks for the chance.

  27. I must say that I love the packaging of this Super Leaves line! I would love to try one of the mens Super Leaves products for hubby.

  28. I want to try it all! But definitely the 2-in-1 scalp care! I ordered from them yesterday, had it in my cart, then took it out! LOVE all of their products!

  29. I’m most interested in trying the ATTITUDE Super leaves product line. Love the variety in the four formulas – Moisture Rich, Volume & Shine, Clarifying and Nourishing & Strengthening.

  30. I would love to win this package for daughter who is turning 16 this summer. I think she would be most interested in the body creams.

  31. I’d love to try the White Tea Leaves hand soap; it’s something that my whole family can use and I love the Westin’s white tea scent so I want to see if this is similar.

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