Our 5 Favourite Scenes from Finding Dory: On Blu-Ray and DVD November 15th

Have you had the opportunity to see Finding Dory? It is a fabulous movie, great for the whole family.

Finding Dory follows the adventures of Dory while she tries to find her parents. This sequel to Finding Nemo has many new funny characters and a great memorable story.

My family absolutely loves Finding Dory. We saw it in theaters and watched it a few times this weekend.

Our 5 Favourite scenes in Finding Dory are:

** warning: possible spoiler alert!

  1. Dory as a baby (seriously the cutest little fish I’ve ever seen!)
  2. Watching Gerald the seal trying to sneak onto the only rock near the aquarium
  3. Becky the bird flying Marlin and Nemo around in a bucket
  4. Admiring Hank constantly camouflaging himself in the aquarium
  5. The truck scene when all the fish escape

Finding Dory is available on Blu-Ray and DVD starting November 15, 2016. It’s a must-have for any DVD collection. It also makes a great Christmas gift!

Finding Dory on DVD

I’d love to know, have you seen Finding Dory? What was your favourite scene?


  1. I am ashamed to say that I have not seen it yet. It is on our daughter wishlist for Christmas so fingers crossed we snag a copy soon 🙂

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