Build, Create, Play with Kinetic Sand #MBSGiftGuide

My kids have been asking for Kinetic Sand for over one year now. I had seen Kinetic Sand products in store and even played with samples and thought it was pretty cool stuff.

I’m so excited that my kids will finally be receiving sets of Kinetic Sand this year for Christmas.

What I like about Kinetic Sand:

    • Sets are well priced (stocking stuffers for $7.97 to larger kits for $26.96)
    • You can pull, shape and mold Kinetic Sand
    • It doesn’t stick to your hands 
    • It is easy to clean up
    • It comes in many bright colours
    • It never dries out
    • It is wheat, gluten and casen free

We received the Ice Castle Kinetic Sand BUILD sets. These sets are only available at Walmart. This set comes with three colours of sand, 5 Kinetic Sands molds, 2 Kinetic Sand tools, 1 mountain play space and 1 instruction guide. 

Kinetic Sand BUILD

Kinetic Sand BUILD

I think my kids will absolutely love their Kinetic Sand BUILD sets. I’m sure it will bring them hours of fun.

To learn more about Kinetic Sand you can check out their website. You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

I’d love to know, have your kids played with Kinetic Sand? Do they love this product?

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  1. This is a really cool set for kids! I’ve never heard of Kinetic Sand before and I`m pretty sure my kids would both love it!

  2. I’ve waffled back and forth as to whether to get this for our son for christmas. I think this finally pushed me over the edge 🙂 I love all the colour choices! I think we’ll get a neon kit for his christmas present

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