Share the Joy with FujiFilm Instax Share Photo Printer

If you are photo crazy like me, the FujiFilm Instax Share printer is made for you.

On average I take a minimum of 50 pictures per day on my iPhone. Yes, its true. If my kids do something cute, I’ll snap a picture. Sometimes I snap photos of the simple things in life (a cool sign, a beautiful view). Like everyone else in today’s world I am inspired by just about everything and love the instant gratification from sharing my photos.

Like most people all of my photos end up on my phone. Some are shared on Instagram and Facebook. I rarely create physical photo albums these days and my digital photos rarely get printed.

This is why I am in LOVE with the FujiFilm Instax Share printer. This tiny machine lets you print you most favourite photos with a click. It’s fun, easy to use and is a great way to get your best photos off of your phone.

The Instax Share printer is a wireless and cordless printer that works with your smart phone. To use the Instax Share printer simply download the FREE Instax Share app on your phone. Take pictures as usual. When you have a shot you absolutely want to print and display you open the app, edit it if you wish and press print. Through the magic of WiFi your digital photo will be sent to the small printer, and presto! it’s done!

As soon as you click print on your phone, you’ll see a glow from the printer and in less than 30 seconds an instant picture pops out. Waiting for the photo to expose is similar to the old school instant picture. There’s a nostalgic feel when your picture develops before your eyes.

The photos are printed on a instax film that measures 62mm x 46mm in size. It comes with a white border and some space at the bottom to write your own captions.

Not only is the Instax Share printer compatible with smart phones you can print directly from WiFi ready FujiFilm digital cameras.

The Instax Share printer is wireless and does not require ink. Photos are developed from the polaroid film. It requires two lithium batteries that print up to approximately 100 of pictures. You can purchase a power adapter separately if you wish.

I was floored by this product. My kids were even more fascinated (keep in mind they have never been exposed to instant pictures before).

Now that I have the Instax Share printer I get excited about getting that next great shot. I know that I have the option to print pictures instantly and enjoy them.

What I love about the Instax Share printer:

  • It works with your smart phone.
  • It’s small, wireless and portable.
  • It prints fun pictures on the fly.
  • It’s so easy to use.
  • It’s like no other product on the market.

{Creative Ideas}

You can transform your pictures with all the great features on the Instax Share app. It’s easy to turn a picture black and white or add text and icons to your pictures.

It’s easy to create fun memory books, collages or gift tags with your Instax Share pictures.

I have had lots of fun displaying our Instax Share prints. For more creative ideas check out the Instax Ideas site now.

instax share printer

instax Share printer review

{Where to Buy}

The Instax Share printer is available in stores and online. It retails for just under $200. You will need Fujifilm “instax mini” Instant Colour Film to use with the printer. You can purchase the Instax Mini film in boxes of 10 or more.

I strongly believe that this is the coolest gift for any photo lover. I believe that the Instax Share printer is a quality product and is a very unique product.

To learn more about the Instax Share printer check out the FujiFilm website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I still have an old Polaroid somewhere lol! OMG This is a cool printer and kids will definitely find the printer awesome. Thanks for sharing as I thought these type of photos did not exist anymore.

    1. It’s so fun Lyne. My kids are smiling for my camera a lot more now because they want to see their pictures printed!

  2. OMG!! I want this!! Like you I take a bizziion photos but rarely print them or make a book. This would be a great way for me to easily print off my fav pics and showcase them!

  3. What a great product. I loved your Instagram posts as well. I love taking pictures with my phone and sharing them on Instagram. I have to check this out.

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