PLAYMOBIL: Great Non-Candy Gifts for Valentine’s Day

My kids absolutely love playing with PLAYMOBIL.

We have a few sets (including the amazing tropical hotel) and they play with them for hours.

This Valentine’s Day, instead giving them huge chocolate hearts, my kids will be getting PLAYMOBIL characters.

My son will be getting a few PLAYMOBIL hockey players. I absolutely love that these hockey players are wearing real NHL jerseys. They also come with a stand so if you choose not to play with them you could simply display them.

These NHL hockey player sets retail for $9.99 and $16.99.


My daughter will be receiving a few PLAYMOBIL Groomer with Pony characters from the Country collection. She’s already got a horse stable so these will be a great addition to this set.

These PLAYMOBIL country sets retail for $9.99.

PLAYMOBIL Country toys

These PLAYMOBIL sets are readily available and are well priced.

PLAYMOBIL are very durable toys and always bring creative play into our house.

I know my kids will love these new PLAYMOBIL characters.

To learn more about PLAYMOBIL check out:

I’d love to know, do your kids play with PLAYMOBIL toys? What is their favourite set?

Disclosure: PLAYMOBIL provided products for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Playmobil offers such a fun array of toys for both girls and boys. I am always looking for non-candy gift options for “holidays”.

  2. These are great for the kids. to be able to give them something other then chocolate!! plus it’s a treat they all love to everyone loves Playmobil!!

  3. Our little guy doesn’t have any of these small Playmobil toys yet, but I’m going to look for them instead of buying candy for our grandson.

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