Be a Designer and Architect with Build & Imagine Play-Sets

Last week my kids received a really cool toy to test out. A magnetic building toy called Malia’s Beach House. In this kit, by Build & Imagine, we found 16 dual-sided building panels, roof pieces, two characters and 40 magnetic accessories. I could tell right away this was a great toy for my kids.

My kids opened the box and started building right away. They found it really easy to create different types of houses. I could see that they enjoyed being the house designer and architect. They also loved dressing the characters and adding accessories in the house. I was impressed at how many different types of houses could be built. I also noticed that my kids kept going back to this building set day after day.

Malia's Beach House Build & Imagine review

Malia's Beach House Build & Imagine review

Malia's Beach House Build & Imagine review

Why we love the Build & Imagine Malia’s Beach House:

  • It has enough magnetic floor and wall pieces to build one large house or a two small houses.
  • It comes with two characters to play with.
  • It’s easy to build a house.
  • The pieces are colourful and fun.
  • It’s easy to store back in it’s original box.
  • It can be challenging (build the next house taller… bigger… smaller…)
  • It’s great for co-operative play.

Malia's Beach House Build & Imagine review

I really like that Malia’s Beach House is not a pink play set. It’s characters are NOT princesses or fashionistas. They are REAL girls. Both my daughter and son love playing the architect when they take out this play-set. They also love creating stories with the houses they build.

Build & Imagine’s goal is to develop foundational skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), they’ve also added an art component making all Build & Imagine sets STEAM learning toys. I completely agree that this toy introduces all STEAM fields to my children. It’s no surprise that Build & Imagine sets have won several awards already. Dr. Toy, Parents’ Choice, The National Parenting Center, Mr. Dad have all rated it a top toy. 

There are currently four Build & Imagine sets available. All four sets are different scenes. Build & Imagine sets are great for boys and girls. They are recommended for ages 4-8 (but I can bet my kids will play with it even longer than that!).

Malia's Beach House Build & Imagine review

If you’re looking to introduce your child to a new building set that will keep your kids creative and entertained for hours, check out sets from Build & Imagine. My kids have already requested more Build & Imagine sets to play with. I strongly believe these sets make great birthday or Christmas gifts.

In Canada, you can find Build & Imagine sets on Amazon Canada.

To learn more about Build & Imagine products check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for up to date product information and more.


  1. Love that this has ethnic diversity, too. My kids would normally shy away from magnetic playsets, but this one would definitely get them interested in imaginative play!

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