Send them Back-to-School with Herschel Supply Co Backpacks and Lunch Kits

I can’t believe how fast summer is going. Before we know it parents everywhere are sending their kids back to school.

This year, my kids are going back sporting new Herschel Supply Co backpacks and lunch boxes.

We received some pretty sweet backpacks for the entire family to test out a few months back. My husband and I tested ours out for the first time during our trip to Belize. My kids used theirs for summer camps and outings.

I already wrote about how much my husband and I love our Herschel backpacks. I had a feeling I was going to fall in love with Herschel’s kids backpacks too.

I must be honest, in the past I purchased back to school backpacks at department stores. They had cool characters on them but they didn’t last. The zippers broke, they were made with thin material and didn’t offer great support. I had to replace them half way through the year every school year. This is not the case with Herschel Supply Co. backpacks, they are a quality product. The kids backpacks are designed for smaller frames. They are made with sturdy zippers, all bags are lined and the shoulder straps are padded.

My son received the Pop Quiz backpack in a cool navy metric pattern. My daughter received the Classic Backpack in Windsor Wine. They also each received a Hershel Pop Quiz Lunchbox.

Herschel Supply Co Back to School

As soon as my kids started using their Herschel Supply Co backpacks I could see a difference in quality. The backpacks we received don’t have the latest super hero on them but I honestly don’t care. I’d rather have a backpack that will last the entire school year (or even better, a backpack I can hand down to my niece). I have no doubt that the backpacks we received will last a long time.

What makes Herschel Supply Co kids backpacks better:

  • They have a limited lifetime warranty
  • They are specifically sized for children
  • They have quality, exposed plastic zippers
  • They have a name label tag inside the bag
  • They have padded shoulder straps
  • Many designs have an inside pocket for an iPad or other

Pop Quiz Youth Backpack

I find the size of my son’s backpack is perfect for grade one. I know he won’t be carrying a lot of homework or books. It fits his lunch kit and agenda perfectly. I also really like the double front pocket on the Pop Quiz Youth backpack. The very front pocket is waterproof (great for our rainy BC days). The main pocket has a clip for keys.

Herschel Supply Co Back to School

Classic Medium Backpack

This backpack is a little bigger than the Pop Quiz Youth backpack. It will hold my daughter’s lunch kit and her binder. The single front pocket is quite large and can hold her pencil case and more.

Herschel Supply Co Back to School

Herschel Supply Co Back to SchoolHerschel Supply Co Back to School

Pop Quiz Lunchbox

I love these beautiful lunchboxes. My son received the space explorers pattern and my daughter received the popcorn/natural pattern. These lunchboxes are very well insulated and easy to wipe down clean. They have an external waterproof pocket (perfect for utensils and napkins) and a name label on the back.

Herschel Supply Co Back to School

Herschel Supply Co Back to School

Herschel Supply Co Back to School

My review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the cool factor of these backpacks and lunchboxes. They are seriously so sweet looking. I love that my kids look super stylish when they’re wearing these backpacks.

Herschel Supply Co backpacks are available in select stores in Canada. The best place to buy them is on their website. As a bonus, Herschel is offering FREE ground shipping on all online orders. In my experience, their shipping is super fast. You could place an order today and get it on time for the first day of school.

Overall, I feel that these backpacks are worth every penny. Get your back to school shopping done now and stock up on Herschel Supply Co backpacks.

Find out more about Herschel Supply Co:

I’d love to know, which Herschel Supply backpack would you most like for your kids?

Disclosure: Herschel Supply Co sent backpacks to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. You can tell they look very durable and will last a long time.I really love the wine color of the backpacks! 🙂

  2. The Lawson Backpack is really gorgeous.I love these backpacks and how durable they are.The colors are awesome too!

  3. I was not aware of these products, so thank you for the information as they look like great quality items. I especially like the striped lining in one of the backpacks.

  4. I find that when my kid’s backpacks give out it is either a zipper broken or the lower corners wearing thin. (or it is a theme which they have discovered is uncool).

  5. Honestly you have sold me on Herschel backpacks. My oldest is not in school yet but I will be looking into these in the upcoming years.

  6. I really like the look of those backpacks and lunchboxes! It’s great that they’re stylish, durable and designed for children.

  7. I love the beautiful colours and designs they they use and I love how big the lunch boxes are.

  8. I really like those backpacks and especially the lunch boxes. They have pretty cute designs and look pretty durable.

  9. I’m really digging the design and color of those backpacks! The classic medium backpack especially looks sturdy, and beautiful.

  10. Love the color of the Pop Quiz Youth backpack that you’ve shown! An overall fantastic selection at Herschel Supply Co!

  11. They looks great! So clean cut and nice. I hope the durability matches it. I thought the lunch pail as just a sideways back pack rill I read the post! Lol

  12. Very cool – I have seen them around but the review helps a lot. Q is pretty tall but I was wondering what size to get him. I guess I’ll have to find someone who carries a range of them to try on!

    1. I’ve seen some Herschel backpacks at The Bay from time to time. The Herschel website also has dimensions for all backpacks so I’m sure that would help.

  13. Love those colors! My biggest complaint about bags made today is the lack of durability. I like that these have padded shoulder straps for comfort and sturdy zippers, in my experience that is the first to go, these zippers do look stronger . A good pack should make through the whole school year before replacing unless you have a packrat like I do lol. My guy collects small rocks , once I found about a pound in the bottom! Would love to try this brand.

  14. Those lunch bags are seriously the coolest around. I also like that the backpacks are designed for children – it’s so important that they have a bag that’s not too big/heavy, but it should also be durable too. A lot of the character backpacks are just vinyl and you’re lucky to make it through the whole school year.

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