Smart Fun with Osmo Creative Starter Kit

I’m always looking for new ways to inspire and teach my children.

Both my kids love to draw. They never leave home without paper and pencils (not kidding) and have drawings spread out everywhere throughout the house (also not kidding).

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When Osmo reached out for us to try their Creative Starter Kit I was very intrigued. This Osmo starter kit includes 3 games that help children draw, create and imagine through play.

Osmo Creative Starter Kit

About Osmo

Osmo is an innovative device that merges tactile exploration with technology. To start, you need to put your device (iPad or other tablet) into the Osmo base with a red reflector over the camera. After you’ve set this up, you can download fun games. Osmo then scans the table and your child’s creations come to life.

About the Creative Starter Kit

This starter kit comes with the Osmo Base, one Osmo Creative Board, 4 Dry Erase markers, one Microfiber pouch, and 3 Game Apps.

The games included in the starter kit include Newton, Monster, and Masterpiece.

About Masterpiece

This creative game helps your child draw anything they like! Choose from drawings in the Osmo image gallery, take a photo of something you’d like to draw or find images online.

Once an image is selected, it is displayed on our tablet. You can choose to draw the image with the erasable markers directly on the Osmo Creative Board or put a piece of paper under the Osmo camera and use any pencils, markers or pencil crayons of your choice.

My kids had a hard time following the line patterns at first but ended up creating beautiful drawings.

Osmo Masterpiece game

Osmo Creative Starter Kit

Masterpiece Osmo

About Newton

My son loves this game so much!

Newton is a physics puzzle game that has kids draw lines on their Osmo Creative Board to guide a ball to hit a target. There are numerous puzzles and they get harder and harder. This is a fun brain game that gets kids thinking!


Osmo Newton game

About Monster

Monster is a fun game that have your doodles come to life on your tablet. In this game, Mo the monster asks your kids to draw specific things on their creative board. Seconds after they are drawn, Mo pulls them into the tablet and you see your drawings come to life. 

Osmo Monster Game

Monster game by Osmo


My youngest really enjoys playing these games and drawing with Osmo. The Osmo Creative Kit is a great starter kit, includes great games, and is easy to use. I really like the dry erase board that’s included because it saves us SO much paper.

I feel that Osmo is a great system for kids and a great way to help them discover how well they can draw and teach them some fun things.

Creative Starter Kit by Osmo

Where to get Osmo

Osmo is available in stores and online. The apps needed for each game is available in the app store. To learn more about Osmo, check out the Osmo website.

.All about the Osmo Creative Starter Kit

I’d love to know, do your kids have Osmo? What is their favourite Osmo game?


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