Five Reasons Why You Should Shop Online

It’s almost time to head back to school! I have a couple of kids to shop for and have to get some new teacher clothes for myself. Heading to the mall when it’s a nice sunny day is not my idea of a good time.

My kids hate going to the mall, they go nuts the minute we walk into ANY store. That’s one of the reasons why I do most of my shopping online.

Here are 5 reasons why you should shop online:

1 – No driving required. Shop in the comfort of your own home (or from the coffee shop). No need to fight crowds, search through racks for sizes. No spending money on gas or taking the bus!

2 – Tons of sizes available. Shopping online makes finding your size super easy. Some sites even have a function where you can pre-select your size before you start browsing the store. Once you select your size the site will only show you what’s available in your size.

online shopping

3 – Free shipping (hello! I don’t have to drive anywhere AND it comes to my door for free? Sign me up!). So many stores have  free shipping when you spend a certain amount. Other stores have special offers from time to time for free shipping. It’s best to sign up for your favourite store’s eNews. That’s where you’ll get most of the free shipping notices. I also love it when my purchases make it to my doorstep! Even though it’s something I’ve ordered it feels like CHRISTMAS!

free shipping

4 – Most everything can be returned in store or by popping it back in the mail. (Return labels are always included). I usually opt to go to the store to return, then it’s done. This kind of defeats the purpose of driving to the store but at least I didn’t waste anytime shopping in the store in the first place.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.16.23 AM

5 – Deals galore! Again, sign up for your favourite store eNews and get the best deals delivered to your inbox. I always get the best deals when shopping online. I often hit sales that are 40% off the last price. These are the times I stock up! There are also sites like that give you cash back when shopping through them. I always use and have already gotten LOTS of cash back.

online shopping

Most of my back to school shopping was done online this year. I find it way easier (and funner) than going into a store. Go ahead, start your back to school shopping from the comfort of your home. You’ll never go back to regular shopping again!

Do you shop online? What’s your favourite online store?


  1. If you look hard enough online, you can always find discount codes for just about anything…totally worth the effort too!

  2. When I read something like this I always wonder why I don’t do more shopping online. Especially at Christmas time!! I also love that you can get some very unique things online…things you can’t find locally.

    1. I often buy clothes online but only from stores that you know you can easily return them to if they don’t fit. I bought a pair of jeans from Gap a few weeks ago and they were TINY (seriously, I thought they were kids jeans). Returning them was easy and no sweat off my back.

  3. I’m new to shopping online. I was always afraid (theft, not getting what I want, etc.) but I’m starting to find out that the benefits out weigh the bad stuff.

    1. It is very safe nowadays. Especially if you are using your CC. Give it another try, it will save you TONS of time.

  4. Especially if it means not having to go to the mall….I also find there is a bigger selection shopping online. Absolutely love the free shipping, or even a low minimum order of $20. Only once have I ever had to return something and that itself only required me to walk to the corner to toss it in the mail box.
    Old navy has incredible customer service for online shopping. Same with Another favorite is Mastermind toys…pricey, but service is impeccable.

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