Learn to Bike with a FirstBIKE Balance Bike

I love being outside with my kids. Due to our mild weather we are outside all year long. I always like hearing about new products that get my kids playing outside longer.

We recently received a new FirstBIKE street balance bike for my son to test out. I loved the look of this bike right away. It wasn’t at all like other balance bikes I had seen.

The street version of the FirstBIKE is perfect for my son. It’s air filled tires are designed for concrete, stone or packed dirt surfaces. The FirstBIKE is recommended for ages 2 to 5.

Cool Features of the FirstBIKE:

  • It has air filled tires
  • It has a hand brake! (yes… no using feet to stop!!)
  • It has an optional lowering kit
  • It has a saddle seat that helps kids stay on the bike
  • It has mudguards
  • It’s lightweight

firstbike review

My 4 year old son was so excited when his FirstBIKE arrived. We had to assemble it right away. Since he’s a “big boy” we didn’t need to use the lowering kit. I was very pleased with the size of the FirstBIKE balance bike. I could tell right away that he was comfortable sitting on it. I also noticed that he enjoyed having the hand brake to slow down and stop.

firstbike review

firstbike review

We’ve gone on some great bike rides with his FirstBIKE. I find that it handles really well. We’ve taken his FirstBIKE on the road, chip trails and at the park. We’re planning on taking him to the skate park with it soon so he can try some fun hills with it.

firstbike review

You can tell that the FirstBIKE is a quality product and will last a long time. I plan on passing it down to my niece when he’s outgrown it.

There are five different types of FirstBIKES available to purchase. They come in so many great colours and options. The street style that we received comes in 6 colours: pink, green, orange, light blue, blue and red.

firstbike review

FirstBIKES are sleek looking and fun bikes. They are a great way to get your kids outdoors and a great way to learn how to balance.

FirstBIKES are available in bicycle stores across Canada and the US.

To see a full list of brick and mortar stores and online stores that carry FirstBIKE check out their website now.Β Β The FirstBIKE Street edition retails for $199.99. To learn more about FirstBIKE follow them on Facebook.


I’m so thrilled to announce that one of my readers will win a FirstBIKE for their little one! Winner gets to choose between aΒ Red Street, Blue Street, Green Street or Pink Street FirstBIKE.

To enter, tell me which colour your child would love the most AND where they would go riding. Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway runs from July 22 – Aug 5, 2015. Giveaway open to Canadian residents only. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Void where prohibited.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. We’d chose Green Street little one’s favorite colour. We’d take it everywhere but it would be fun to try on the nature trails near the lake

  2. I would love the blue street for my kids. We could finally teach my younger daughter to ride around the neighbourhood with her siblings

  3. My daughter would choose the red. She would ride down the street, and to the park with her best buddy.

  4. My guy would love a green one and he would love to go riding with his brother on the trail down the street:)

  5. I would have to go with red for first choice of colour with green a close second. I like that the colours are all so vibrant!

  6. We’d go with red and take on neighbourhood rides. He would finally be able to keep up with his big sister and mom wouldn’t kill her back trying to help him along on a scooter πŸ˜€

  7. How did I miss this cool review??!! I love FirstBike for my grand daughter in PINK!! We would take her along the boardwalk of Lake Ontario so that we can feed the birds, go to the beach and have a picnic!! Great review!! πŸ™‚

  8. My son would love a “gold” bike as it is his favorite color.. but I think he would be happy with a blue. He would ride all over the neighborhood on it!

  9. My 2.5 year old wouls go crazy with excitement over the PINK or GREEN one! She is just at the age where this would be perfect as she is trying to play catch up with her older 5 year old sister. We have a bunch of local muntiway paths near our house we like to use for bike rides and walking our dog!

  10. My daughter would want pink to go with her helmet and Frozen knee and elbow pads (her first choice wouldn’t have been the violet because she loves purple).

  11. Green’s the only way to go in our house πŸ™‚ I bet this would see a lot of use when visiting grandma and grandpa in the country

  12. I’d choose the Green Street since I’m not sure whether a granddaughter or a grandson would get this if I was lucky enough to win.

  13. my daughter would love the RED and we would go to ‘mill lake’ – great little lake with a paved path around it, with several playgrounds /… make a DAY of it!

  14. id want green because its moms favourite colour πŸ˜‰ and my kid would ride just in front of our house on the driveway or court.. when its safe

  15. I would choose the Pink Street FirstBIKE for my daughter. She would use it to ride on our daily bike rides on the bike paths near where we live.

  16. My little guy would love one of these… In orange! He’d ride it all over our neighbourhood and out camping!

  17. I would choose the blue street First bike. My daughter would ride it to the park and to Bible study

  18. My little guy’s favourite colour is RED and he’d ride it to the park! He loves going all over the neighbourhood. I bet this balance bike would really help him a lot, I’d love to review it for kids w/autism. Thanks for the great contest!

  19. I would like to win the green bike, and we would use it to bike at the school across the street from our house.

  20. My daughter would choose the Pink Street FirstBIKE. We would go to our favorite park that has a 2 km paved path around the lake.

  21. My baby lion is 2.5 and he would love the blue one. I’ve been looking at FirstBike for a while but they are out of my budget. He would ride it everywhere, mostly to and from daycare, to the park and swimming pool!

  22. I would choose the green or red bike. My child would use the bike on our driveway and in our neighbourhood.

  23. I would say the color blue. My son would ride it every chance he could going everywhere. Walking the dog or to the store or to the park. It would be wonderful to win this for him.

  24. I would like the STREET PINK and we ride bikes around our area. Its pretty quiet and lots of kids running around.

  25. My toddler would love the green, he is on a Hulk Smash kick right now , so he would love the green . We would go riding in the fair grounds here where I live. It is such a beautiful place so I would get him to learn there , then ride home of course . Small town advantages .Thank you for giveaway.

  26. Definitely blue, and to the parks. The town I live in has a large interconnected park system that would be perfect for bike rides!

  27. I’d love the FirstBike in green for my Grandson. We could go for rides to the park together. Many thanks!

  28. I’d love to win the blue FirstBIKE for my little guy. We would take it to Nana’s house, the park and around the neighbourhood. Thank you for a great review and giveaway.

  29. Prob the red one. We live on a dead end street so it’s perfect for him to try out the new bike there

  30. My little girl would love the pink bike. She would ride it to the park and to daycare in the mornings with her daddy.

  31. My daughter says she likes the violet one , she would be riding at the park and around our neighborhood , maybe even the bike path at the beach !

  32. I like the red. It would be good for my son and then my daughter to ride down the path beside our house.

  33. I would like the street blue. J would probably ride it everywhere but especially to the neighbourhood park.

  34. We have a lot of trails around here, so my son would enjoy riding on those (especially by the lake). He would love the blue or green one!

  35. Little One would love one in pink or violet! I’m pretty sure she’d ride it anywhere and everywhere…starting with our driveway (which is the length of a street!! We live on a farm).

  36. My son would love green. He’d ride his bike first in our back yard on our patio. This kids looove it there!

  37. Cross Violet would be our pick……my girl would love to ride to the park, and the school yard track!

  38. She would love the orange the most, but of the available choices she would choose the red. She would use it on the trails at our local parks, and in our neighbourhood.

  39. I am sure my nephew would love the blue one. He probably won’t be old enough for it until next Spring but I am sure he would ride it to the park once he can.

  40. My granddaughter would like pink, and she has a big parking lot and lives close to the park to enjoy her first bike!!

  41. We would love to have the firstBIKE in blue. I think the little man will be ready by spring time to start using it!

  42. What an awesome bike! My daughter is 3.5 & ready for a FirstBike. I would choose either Green Street or Red Street & we would go riding around our neighbourhood! Thanks so much for this chance to win!

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