Lunch Time Favourite: Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit

Back to school is in full swing and I’ve been busy preparing healthy lunches for my children every evening.

Our lunches always contain one fruit snack, one veggie snack, a main meal and a treat.

For the past week, my children have been getting Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit in their lunches.

They love the sweetness of this kiwifruit and I love that it provides three times the amount of vitamin C found in an orange. A serving of Kiwifruit also has as much potassium as a medium banana.

I’ve been having fun preparing their Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit every day. Here are three ways they love to eat their kiwifruit.

Fun Shapes

Break out the cookie cutters and make cool shapes with kiwifruit. I’ve been making flowers with our kiwifruit and the kids love it.

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit shapes

Half Moon Slice

This is a simple and quick way to cut kiwifruit. My kids like it because each piece is easy to eat and there is little mess.

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit half moon shapes

Scoop out with a Spoon

This is the fastest, easiest way to pack some kiwifruit goodness in your child’s lunch. Simply cut the kiwifruit in half and serve with a spoon. My kids love scooping it out of the “bowl”.

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit bowl

We always enjoy the sweet, tropical taste of SunGold Kiwifruit, and it’s much sweeter than green kiwifruit. The peel is also very thin, making it easy to just bite right in, and giving you 50% more fibre than if you just ate the flesh.

I highly recommend adding some Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit to your child’s lunch this week! Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit is available at most grocery stores.

I’d love to know, how do you prepare your Kiwifruit? 

Disclosure: Zespri sponsored this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Yummy , they look so scrumptious , i wanna try them out , will have to look for them next time i’m in the grocery store , thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I was able to try these gold kiwis recently and enjoyed the change in taste fromt he green ones. I usually just eat kiwis as they come. I like the skin as much as the fruit.

  3. I love the sweetness of these kiwi’s, makes me want to go get some! I like to slice them up and put them on top of smoothie bowls.

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