Double Strollers: a Must with Young Kids! #BumblerideAdventures

My oldest daughter just turned 2, so I can’t use the old “I have 2 under 2” saying anymore, which is too bad because I really enjoyed that while it lasted.  Regardless of my kids’ ages or yours, if you have two young kids, a double stroller can be a life saver in certain situations.

I gave a more wholesome review of my Bumbleride Indie Twin in a blog we posted in July, but today I want to highlight some of the things I do with my kids where we’ve really required the use of a double stroller — apart from your typical walking to just about anywhere…

1) CONTAINING MY TODDLER – yes, containing my toddler.  Some parents will probably think I’m cruel but there are times when you just have to bribe your crazy, active toddler and get him or her to stay put in the stroller while you [insert activity here].  And sometimes, you’re just in a rush… so letting your toddler walk to where it is you’re going just doesn’t make sense in that moment.

Bumbleride Indie Twin at the grocery store

2) Offering the other side to another mom friend for her baby – I do this all the time, and it works great.  Not all my friends with two young kids of have a double stroller and actually, some of them do, but choose not to use them because the seat for the baby is hidden away and they simply like mine better!  So, when I meet other moms at the park, I have my baby on one side and they take the other side for their small baby while our toddlers run around and play.

Bumbleride Indie Twin at the park

3) Any kind of longer visiting, or any activity that is geared a little more for my husband and I – ok, so it doesn’t happen often enough that we do something that is more for us than the girls, but when it does, the double stroller is a time extender. If your toddler wants to walk, they’ll either steer you in another direction, causing frustration and delaying the original plan in the first place.  We often let our toddler walk, but if we’re trying to sneak in something selfish, the double stroller is a must (and a special snack helps too).

Check out my full review video of the Bumbleride Indie Twin for more details about this awesome double stroller.

To learn more about the Indie Twin check out the Bumbleride website.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more information about their products and learn about special offers.

Why do you love your double stroller?  When has your double stroller been a life saver for you?


  1. This looks awesome , would be perfect for my grand babies , i love to take them for walks , i will have to look into one for them 🙂 thanks for sharing a great review 🙂

  2. We only have 1 baby so far but planned ahead so our stroller can turn into a double. I’ve seen my nephew get super tired walking and needs daddy to carry him because his baby sibling is in the stroller. I can foresee my husband will not want to be carrying around a heavy toddler too long!

  3. Double strollers can be useful, but I had a small trunk when my kids were small. A double stroller wouldn’t fit and found it cheaper to have strollers and car seats that fit my car than a car that fits my stroller and carseats. I had 3 children under 5 years old and a peg perego P3 that worked well for me. When I had a toddler and baby, the newborn went in the sling and the toddler went in the stroller. If I needed to put the baby down, the stroller seat was open to put the baby in. When the baby reached 20+ lbs, the toddler stood on the back and the baby went in the stroller. When I had 3 under 5 years old, 4 year old walked, toddler stood on the back and the baby went in the stroller.

    I found I had to take my time and discuss things with my toddler and preschooler. It was more time consuming but I think it helped me in the long run in a number of ways.

  4. This looks like an awesome stroller, it helps to have a double stroller when you have 2, especially a toddler, because they don’t always want to walk and it is great knowing where they are too!!

  5. I’ve never needed a double stroller, but I do love the look of the Bumbleride Indie twin! Very comfortable for the kids, and also comfortable to push around!

  6. Well I always wanted a good one of these. For a time I had a home day care business when my kids were really small and not in school yet. I bought a really bad second hand one and it was torture using it because of its age. But this one looks amazing! I would recommend it to anybody.

  7. We had a double stroller years ago when we used to share a nanny with another family. The nanny was able to take our daughter and the other’s family’s daughter for outings and it was truly a life safer. I also had a blind mom friend at the time, and I would take her for walks with my daughter and her son side by side in the twin stroller. Those were fun times for sure!

  8. That looks like a great double stroller. I love that you can switch the seats around. Do you find it too wide to get through doors?? Its hard to judge from the pics! I loved my double stroller. It is such a life saver!

    1. It is a great double stroller Jenn. The Indie Twin fits through all standard doors. A GREAT bonus when you’re out and about.

  9. I’ve definitely been the mom to borrow my friends’ double strollers! 🙂 I don’t have one but my two-year-old occasionally likes to ride instead of walk so she’s hopped in with a friend. I totally agree that strollers are helpful when you want to walk faster than a toddler can and when you need them in one place (instead of running around a busy fair or down the sidewalk beside a busy street). Thanks for sharing your review!

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